December 31st the end of 2002. What a year this has been! Lots of good stuff!

Had a great day yesterday. Brooke and Kelly Graham came over at about 10:00 am for coffee and homemade cinnamon buns (made by Tamara). The day ended with them leaving about 11:30 pm. We just hung out all day. Kelly was able to pick up his Christmas present at McNally Robinson Bookstore. We met Kelly’s cousin, Reid, as well and he spent the day with us. Great guy! Kelly and Brooke have been in the Dominican Republic for the past 5 months. They have learned soooooo much and have “grown up” in so many ways (Kelly turned 30 on November 22nd). They are very special people in our lives and we are so proud of them. Lots of character building! Not always a fun experience but a necessary one in life.

Now, there was a special person in my life by the name of Geordon Cooper. However, after spending lunch with him and some other great people enjoying “spicy soup”, he then derided my wholesome reputation by posting an entirely unsanctified picture of a person who was “supposedly” me on his blog. I have always trusted Geordon, however, he is going to have to earn my trust back!!!

New Year’s resolutions: I have never been good at these because I invariably don’t follow through, but one resolution I am hoping to follow through on this year is reading through the Bible in 2003. Lakeview Church has encouraged our people to read through the Bible in 2003. Great opportunity! In January 1999 I started a study through the Bible, starting in Genesis. Today I will finish the last 4 chapters of Revelation – my study through Genesis to Revelation is completed – it took me 4 years. I am a bit of a “slow” learner! Reading it through this year will be different, in that, we will read some of the Old Testament; New Testament; Psalms; and Proverbs each day. I am looking forward to that.

We have experienced an exceedingly wonderful Christmas season. Our home has been filled with many people over the holidays and we have consumed much food and enjoyed many laughs. “Laughter doeth good like a medicine” the Scripture says and I hardly agree. We have many wonderful friends who have enriched our lives over the years. We received word today that a dear friend of ours from Brandon, Manitoba, Suzanne Bartlette, suddenly was taken from this earth to join her Heavenly Father. When Jerry and I moved to Brandon, Manitoba, in 1973, not knowing anyone in that City, Peter and Suzanne reached out to us and we became very good friends. It is hard to believe that life passes so quickly. Our sympathy and prayers go out to Peter and their 3 children.

Have a great New Year! May God’s richest blessings be yours in 2003.