Breakforth Thursday, Jan 30 2003 

We are heading out to Edmonto tomorrow for the BreakForth conference. Should be a great time. We are going to be staying with my niece Christa. She is getting baptized on Sunday, February 9th. It is so exciting to watch her mature in her walk with Christ.

It is Darren Friesen‘s 36th birthday today. We celebrated it at coffee break. Cathy made an awesome chocolate cake which we all enjoyed. Some good laughs were had. I work with some great people!

I surprised some of the staff this morning as I actually played the piano for them. It was my turn to lead staff prayer so I talked about the hymn “Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus” and then we all stood around the piano and sang all four verses of the hymn. Great experience!


New Computer Wednesday, Jan 29 2003 

We have a new computer. Jordon came this morning and hooked everything up. Works great! Tom was back in Saskatoon from McLean Lake – had some great conversations and good coffee. He is a remarkable young man. Talked to Tamara on Monday evening. It was hot and muggy in Bangkok. She has been having a great time with Renee and Nicole. She heads for Taiwan on February 10th.

We had some great discussion at our Small Group last night about the whole topic of “Tithing”and “Stewardship”of God’s resources. All that is created, including ourselves, was created by God and are his. How are we managing his resources? Nothing that we have is ours we are just the managers of it for a short time. Some good conversation about debt load and spending habits. We all need work in this area.

Had a great visit with my good friend Donna Nakrayko yesterday. We always have enlightening conversations. Talking about how we experience God in our lives. How do we relate to others when we talk about what God is doing. We experience God in such different ways and we need each other to learn from. We are created for community and not isolation. We want to share our spiritual journeys. Donna sees so many things different than I do and I learn so much from her. She has such vivid pictures in her mind and when she shares them with me I can never see a sunset or a rose again without seeing it from her perspective. I love �t when she talks about “gold nuggets”. These are experiences she has had and learned so much from and she holds them out to others to learn from them. However, many of us do not see the “gold nugget” and grab it. When we dont get it, we are the losers. I need to listen and accept these “gold nuggets”from others. We need to learn from each other. That is what community is all about. She is a wonderful friend, and actually her family is pretty special too.

Sunday Sunday, Jan 26 2003 

Had a great day today. Great service at Lakeview with Dr. Lee Barbour speaking about “Money”. We all need to hear more of these. Jordon, Wendy and Mark Cooper were here for Super Bowl Sunday – lots of food; terrible football; Shania Twain looking like something from outerspace!!! great anthem sung by my favorite “Dixie Chicks”; laughter; brainstorming names for new restaurants – no, you don’t want to hear the names; enjoying Mark who has to be the best 2 1/2 year old boy around; more boring football; but all-in-all a great day spent with awesome friends.

Learning Thursday, Jan 23 2003 

Tamara emailed and called tonight. She is having an awesome time in Thailand. It is absolutely beautiful and the weather is just right. The food is “out of this world” delicious and her and Renee are having a great time together. It was so good to hear her voice. She loves new experiences. There is no doubt we are proud of her. She has accomplished much in her 25 years of living.

-40C here this morning with the windchill. Not a nice day at all. Snowing and blowing – good day to stay at home in front of the fireplace with a good book. Jerry has had to work some really long hours because of guys being off sick, so Don Pogoda and Greg Plett went to see Jerry this morning at work and took him some ice cream. Now if you know Jerry, you know that his most favorite thing in the world is ice cream. What awesome guys! There is no doubt they are in his “good books”.

I have been reflecting on the whole idea of learning. For me so much of my learning come from new ideas, books and theories and not so much the practical. My son Matt has been challenging me a bit, in that, learning is not just new ideas mom. You can learn in more than one way. So I am learning new things every day from all the different experiences I have throughout the day. I am not naturally an experiential learner, hands on, or learning from what my feelings and emotions are all about, so Matt, I am trying to intentionally learn in new ways. As I visited a friend in the hospital tonight, I experienced such compassion as I sat on the bed beside him. He looked like a fragile little bird, laying so quiet. Yes, God is teaching me and changing me, as there was a time when I could hardly walk into a hospital, let alone minister to those who were ill. Yes I am learning, even if I didn’t get a chance to read the second chapter of The Ingenuity Gap.

Bart Gilbert Wednesday, Jan 22 2003 

Check out

You will enjoy his spiritual journey. He’s also a great guy!

-30 Below Wednesday, Jan 22 2003 

Cold day today, something like -30C. Crazy – my poor car barely moved this morning. Busy day at work – lots of people stuff. Have to go back tonight to meet with someone. That is part of being a Pastor. Still have not heard from our girl, Tamara. Not much learning taking place in this head – too busy doing. If you want to learn something, connect to Sometimes I actually like the guy even if I don’t agree with everything he says!

Cold Tuesday, Jan 21 2003 

Horrendously cold here in Saskatoon. Feels good to be inside. Still have not heard from our daughter in Thailand. Jesika’s birthday today. She is 22!! Happy Birthday Jesika! Hope you have an awesome day! We have Small Group at our house tonight. We are studying the Beatitudes talking about “A Challenging Lifestyle”. There are 11 of us that meet every Tuesday evening. We started as an Alpha Small Group one year ago and have just kept meeting together every week. Good stuff! Wonderful friendships being built.

Myers-Briggs Monday, Jan 20 2003 

It’s been awhile since I have blogged so here goes. It seems as if I am not learning too much these days. The days are so busy that I haven’t had much time to reflect or read. I organized a Myers-Briggs seminar for Saturday at Lakeview with about 30 people attending. Nancy Yee and Jacqui Acree, who both are qualified Myers-Briggs consultants, did the seminar. It was so informative. When you have such a tool available to help your relationships with other people, it is awesome. I have sat in on their seminars about 4 times and have learned something new each time. It is funny to see married couples looking at their personalities and realizing that they are opposites in every way. What Myers-Briggs does is then help you understand yourself and your spouse which results in a better relationship. Good stuff!

We finally removed our Christmas tree! What a mess! But that job is done! We haven’t heard from Tamara at all since Thursday. Still miss her! I crawled into her bed on Sunday afternoon and slept from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm! I can hear my son Matt saying “Come on Mom, get over it!!!” I’m trying!

It is Jesika’s 22nd birthday tomorrow, January 21st. If you want to send her a birthday greeting, you can do so at I am sure she would love to hear from you.

I went and worked out tonight. I am determined to get into a routine. My neighour Mavis and I go together, that way we are accountable to each other. Keeps us both on track when it comes to exercising.

Tamara Thursday, Jan 16 2003 

We just talked to Tamara by phone. She is doing great! They got bumped up to First Class from Vancouver to Tokoyo. The flight was good. It was a little cramped from Tokoyo to Bangkok, but she arrived intact with all her luggage. They are adjusting to the time change. She says it is absolutely beautiful and the weather is not too hot. She said she missed us, but I think she said that just to make us feel good! It was so good to hear her voice. It was as if she was just down the street. It is hard to believe that she is half way around the world.

Tamara is gone Thursday, Jan 16 2003 

She’s gone! Tamara has arrived safely in Bangkok, Thailand. We had a wonderful and stressful weekend in Canmore and Calgary. Her final paper to be completed ended up being a “family affair”. But we did it! She delivered it to her Professor at 1:30 pm and we headed off to the airport. One of her bags was too heavy, so she quickly took some stuff out and spread it around to her other bags. She ended up with both of her big bags under 70 lbs. However, she did have an extra suitcase that was too heavy to go on board, so we ended up paying extra for that. She ended up being the last one to board the airplane after being paged, and, much to her shagrin, all the passengers applauded when she took her seat. Good for Tamara! We miss her. The house is very quiet! I must admit that tears were shed, but that is a good thing! The time with Matt and Jesika was great. It was fun being in their condo. We ate, laughed and played games. We celebrated Jesika’s birthday by going out to dinner in Banff. We arrived back in Saskatoon late Tuesday afternoon.

Having lunch with Jordon, Wendy and Darren tomorrow. We are going to discuss the 1st chapter from “The Ingenuity Gap” by Thomas Homer-Dixon, entitled “Careening in the Future”. Should be good. Hopefully I will understand and remember what I have read!

On the way home from Calgary I read the “Persons of the Year” Time magazine, December 30/2002 – January 6, 2003. Very interesting. The cover was entitled “The Whistleblowers” featuring Cynthia Cooper of Worldcom; Coleen Rowley of the FBI; and Sherron Watkins of Enron. After reading the articles I came to the conclusion that women are basically good and do the right thing, while men, are mostly power hungry and will do anything to get power.

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