Can you believe the behaviour of one Jordon Cooper who would throw a copy of Prayer of Jabez out his car window and then try to say it was Kelly’s copy. Even if it was Kelly’s copy, Jordon needs to acknowledge the many lives that have been changed by this book and how it has expanded their borders. Come on Jordon, get with the program!!!

If you have checked out the picture of Matt and Jes, just wanted you to know that Matt is our son, and Jes, is his wonderful wife. They love the outdoors and just completed a Wilderness Guide Course at Yamnuska. They did wonderful things like mountain climbing; rock climbing; ice falls climbing; hiking; avalanche rescue; glacier rescue; wilderness first aid; etc. They are now living in Canmore, Alberta, making money to live. We are heading to see them this weekend. We will be together as a family before our daughter, Tamara, heads off for Thailand and Taiwan on Monday afternoon. We have great fun with our kids. They are the best!

My good “old” friend Dennis called me yesterday from Calgary to wish me “Happy New Year”. Dennis once-upon-a-time worked at Lakeview. His office was right across the hallway from mine and it was my job to keep him “entirely sanctified”. Only Methodists will know what I am talking about!!! It was great to hear from him. His encouragement keeps me on track. I need all the help I can get at my age.