She’s gone! Tamara has arrived safely in Bangkok, Thailand. We had a wonderful and stressful weekend in Canmore and Calgary. Her final paper to be completed ended up being a “family affair”. But we did it! She delivered it to her Professor at 1:30 pm and we headed off to the airport. One of her bags was too heavy, so she quickly took some stuff out and spread it around to her other bags. She ended up with both of her big bags under 70 lbs. However, she did have an extra suitcase that was too heavy to go on board, so we ended up paying extra for that. She ended up being the last one to board the airplane after being paged, and, much to her shagrin, all the passengers applauded when she took her seat. Good for Tamara! We miss her. The house is very quiet! I must admit that tears were shed, but that is a good thing! The time with Matt and Jesika was great. It was fun being in their condo. We ate, laughed and played games. We celebrated Jesika’s birthday by going out to dinner in Banff. We arrived back in Saskatoon late Tuesday afternoon.

Having lunch with Jordon, Wendy and Darren tomorrow. We are going to discuss the 1st chapter from “The Ingenuity Gap” by Thomas Homer-Dixon, entitled “Careening in the Future”. Should be good. Hopefully I will understand and remember what I have read!

On the way home from Calgary I read the “Persons of the Year” Time magazine, December 30/2002 – January 6, 2003. Very interesting. The cover was entitled “The Whistleblowers” featuring Cynthia Cooper of Worldcom; Coleen Rowley of the FBI; and Sherron Watkins of Enron. After reading the articles I came to the conclusion that women are basically good and do the right thing, while men, are mostly power hungry and will do anything to get power.