91589310 Friday, Mar 28 2003 

I finished the book!!! Now I just need to write my paper!!!


91451594 Wednesday, Mar 26 2003 

I’m having a bad week, if anybody’s interested. I am still labouring over my John Wesley “Practical Grace”book. I am getting there and am determined to get it finished and my paper done by March 31st.

Talked to Matt tonight. What a great kid! or I should say “young man”! He is a learner and a seeker of truth. He reminds me more and more of my dad. “Small talk” frustrates him to no end. Every conversation has to have a purpose. He is reading Thomas Merton. I haven’t read any of his books, but am looking forward to having that opportunity in the next while (after my Wesleyan Theology is done!!!).

91211380 Saturday, Mar 22 2003 

This has been kind of good weekend. Jerry and I don’t get too many days off the same, but Jerry had four days off in a row this week. We went to see the move About Schmidt with Jack Nicholson. It was kind of a slow movie, but I thought Jack Nicholson did a great job as Schmidt. It was kind of a sad movie! Made me think about how I am living my life and whether I am making a difference or not.

I’m into my next Wesley Theology book called “Practical Grace”. Looks good, but I am going to have to do some speed reading.

Jerry and I went out to Pine View Farms today to pick up some fresh roasting “organic” chickens. Great drive in the country. Jerry likes to take different roads all the time. If need be, he never likes to drive on the same road twice. There is much to be seen and experienced when you drive through different parts of the country. After nearly 34 years of this, I just relax and enjoy the drive. Jerry likes to be spontaneous. As we were driving through Martensville, we decided to stop for lunch at Henry’s Restaurant. Very good cabbage borscht. We also enjoyed the rhuburb/saskatoon pie with vanilla ice cream.

We talked with Tamara for about an hour this morning. Sure is good to hear her voice. She hasn’t been all that healthy. She is fighting a cold and has the flu. She is also very tired. She is enjoying her teaching, but I think she’s a little lonely. It is hard to believe that she has been gone 2 1/2 months.

91107895 Thursday, Mar 20 2003 

My paper is done and was emailed to Prof Ashton at 5:00 pm today. Now one more book and one more paper to go! I will never do this again! Too much pressure in my life!

90973331 Tuesday, Mar 18 2003 

Just in case anybody is interested, I am half done my paper. Toooooo many distractions in my life!!! Keep your nose to the grind Gloria!! Don’t give up! Don’t be a quitter! The sad part is after I’m finished this one, I have to read another Wesleyan Theology book and write another paper, by the end of March!! Why do I do this to myself?

90838811 Sunday, Mar 16 2003 

Had a great weekend. Our weekend services at Lakeview were wonderful. We were finishing up our series on “Spiritual Disciplines”. We ended our services with the celebration of communion. Great experience for all. Tonight we had a service on “Prayer”. Adam Beach led worship together with Andy, Matt and Andrew. Alice Wilson, our Prayer Ministry Coordinator, spoke on how she experiences prayer in her life and what she could envision for Lakeview. Good stuff!

Tomorrow I am doing my paper. Jackie Reimche has given me lots of ideas for distractions – I’ll probably put lots of them into practice. Maybe I’ll start by heading out to Tim Hortons for coffee and “Rill Up the Rim”. I never win anything, so maybe I won’t go, then I won’t be disappointed. I don’t want to set myself up for failure.

We talked to Tamara yesterday. It sure was great to hear her voice. She is super busy and doesn’t even have time to eat. She had a cold and is tired. She is teaching from 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm each day plus Saturday morning. She loves the classes with her 5 & 6 year olds. She has a class with 12 year old boys, who are giving her a few problems. Great experience in real life! Sure miss her though! Would be nice just to be able to give her a hug!

One of the things I try and do is to think about what I think about. It really is a good exercise. Stop and think back to what you were just thinking about. It is amazing what I think about. Sometimes a song has been going through my mind. Next time I find myself thinking negative thoughts about myself. Lots of times it is thoughts about my faith and my spirituality. Thoughts about my family. Now I wonder if these thoughts could be prayers? What is praying anyway? Do we need to bow our heads, fold our hands, close our eyes to pray? When it says in the Scriptures to “Pray without ceasing” what does that look like? Just some thoughts going around in my head and making me dizzy!!

90776814 Saturday, Mar 15 2003 

I finished the book all 499 pages of it!!! Now I need to remember what I read and write my paper.

Good stuff on Jordon’s blog about conformity and unity. God is not into conformity. God is into diversity. Unity does not come from all of us looking the same or doing the same thing. Unity comes when we appreciate and validate those around us who are different. Just look around us and see the diversity of every person and everything created. No two snowflakes are alike. Fingerprints are distinct and different for each person. People look different and experience things differently. The list could go on and on.

Jerry got home safely from Canmore driving the smashed up red Tercel. He arrived home early so I am thinking he was speeding! Jerry likes to drive FAST! He is compelled not to have any cars ahead of him on the road! It is a MUST to pass everyone! He needs to be at the head of the pack! I think it is a “guy” thing. The good thing about driving fast is that you do get to where you are going quicker!! Sometimes you have to spend a little bit more money to cover the speeding tickets! But in the end it is worth it all to be at the front of the line!!

90693213 Thursday, Mar 13 2003 

I am on page 425 – I am getting there John Wesley. His 100 point sermons get a little dry, but I am determined. The book will not beat me – only 74 pages to go. The book only has 499 pages, Yahoo!!

Jerry arrived in Canmore safely to pick up the red Tercel. He will be bringing her home tomorrow.

Kelly, Kathy and I are started our “Feeling Good” study tomorrow morning. Read the first two chapters in the book. Looks really good! I am sure I will be a different person by Chapter 4 – here’s hoping!

The snow was melting today and there were puddles all over! Maybe Spring is coming?? You never know in Saskatchewan!! Last year we had cold Spring until the end of June and the 3 weeks of summer in July were actually quite nice!!! I have no idea why we live in this country!!! Must be the people!!!

90568449 Tuesday, Mar 11 2003 

Had quite the day today! Spent most of it in day surgery! Not something I would like to repeat with regularity! But it is over!

I have completed 250 pages of 500 pages of my Wesleyan Theology book by Ogden. I am getting there and my goal is to have it finished and paper written by March 15th. Hurray for Gloria! I know I am repeating myself, but this way it makes me accountable for the deadline.

Had a great weekend. Had lunch with Kerri Armstrong on Sunday. We had such a great time. She is a wonderful young woman, growing up and asking good questions. It is good to ask questions and to talk about our doubts. If we don’t, we never search for the answers and make our faith our own.

Tom came on Sunday afternoon. Jerry prepared an awesome meal which we all enjoyed. Manadarin orange salad, roast beef, garlic mashed potatoes, green beans, and banana flamboyne (with the real flames). With Tom visiting it is always a good incentive for Jerry to make a great meal and the rest of us benefit from that. Tom came back from isolation up north having grown his beard. Looked great! He shaved it off! He still looks great!

Tamara called on Sunday evening. She is very busy. I didn’t get a chance to talk to her but Jerry and Tom did. Still miss her lots!

Jordon Cooper’s 29th birthday today. He has completed 29 years of living and tomorrow starts the 1st day of his 30th year. Over the Hill Coop!

90369917 Saturday, Mar 8 2003 

It’s Saturday afternoon and -50 outside with windchill. I think that means it is cold. Taught a class this morning on Spiritual Gifting and serving in ministry. Great class! Had never met three of the people before so it was a great connection. It is always good to review that God has created each of us very specifically. There is not another person identical to us. This gives us freedom to be who we are and to appreciate the people around us as well.

We have not heard from Tamara for quite a while. We receive more information about her from the people around us than we get from her. Oh well! That’s the life of a parent. Always the last to know!

Matt and Jesika are doing well. Had an accident with their car, but it looks like SGI will fix it – that is a good thing.

I need to get back to reading my Wesleyan Theology book – I want to have it finished and my paper written by March 15th. Then I have another book to read and do a paper on. I hope to have that finished by the end of the month.

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