95138597 Saturday, May 31 2003 

I have been asking the question “Why do I blog?” I haven’t come up with an answer yet.


95024325 Thursday, May 29 2003 

Typical day in the life of Gloria! Get to work and the computers are still down so Greg, Dan and I head out to Tim Hortons for a coffee. Great morning sitting in the sun enjoying the day. We head back to work after 30 minutes in the sun and I quickly get my messages off my voice mail. No emergencies! I quickly proofread the bulletin for Cathy. I head out to Hao’s for lunch with my friend Brigitte. Great lunch and great conversation. Quickly head back to the church for 1:30 pm for an interview with a perspective Junior High Pastor. At 2:30 pm I leave the meeting to meet with my friend Louisa. We head back to my office to drop off some stuff. My friend Dale stops by to say “hi” and we set a luncheon appointment for next week. Louisa and I head out to Joe Bean’s for a healthy green tea, strawberry, fruit smoothie with all kinds of great stuff in it to keep us young and healthy. Good conversation – talking about being intentional in what we think and how when we set expectations for others it only sets us up for disappointment. Louisa and I say our “good byes” and I head over to see Darren who is finishing up a paper on his laptop. We stop and talk about how so much of what we believe actually came from the Greeks and other cultures. So much of what we believe is the truth may actually not be!! How do you like that for a statement! I told Darren stuff like that makes me scared!! I then head over to say “hi” to Al and Dale who are having coffee together. I then head back to my office and listen to my voice mail again. Jerry watered the plants before he left for work. Thanks Jerry! I make a couple of encouragement calls to friends. Cathy stops by and we talk about life and I tell her what I have learned from reading her blog. We talk about how our lives are in a different space these days and how we are reworking who we are. Good stuff. I leave a message for my friend Mavis and tell her I can head out to McNally’s for 6:00 pm. I quickly head home and do a quick tour of my yard and plants and then head out to McNally’s. We have a great time talking about our lives and how faithful God is as when we feel alone we know that He is actually carrying us. At 8:00 pm I head out to Beagle on Broadway Avenue for a meeting with the Worship Freehouse people, which actually started at 7:30pm. Great meeting as we talk about our next Worship Freehouse which is on Sunday night at 8:00 pm at the Jazz Bazzment. I give John Campea a ride home and I arrive home at 10:00 pm. I clean up the kitchen a bit and then remember that I am doing the staff devotional tomorrow morning. I spend time rereading some of the book I am reading on Humility by Andrew Murray. I decide to share some of what I have learned with the staff tomorrow. Jerry comes home at 11:00 pm from work. I head upstairs to the computer to see if we have any email from our kids. I am now finishing this blog and am heading to bed. This is a day in the life of Gloria! Like I say, I don’t have enough hours in a day to do all I want to do.

94926341 Monday, May 26 2003 

What a day! Jerry and I both had the day off, so we did plant. I think we have it mostly done. Now we have to pray that everything will grow. The mosquitoes were something else! No going without bug spray! It is dry. We watered everything today. We just need to trim some of our cedars.

Great evening at the Women’s Salad Extravaganza. There must have been at least 50 or 60 different salads. It was amazing! Great program after the amazing salads. The owners of one of the greenhouses in Saskatoon came and talked about plants. Learned lots! Some great ideas! There were 3 speakers, each talking about new beginnings. Corrie Stoesz, a new first time mom; Ginger Siemens, talked about moving to Saskatoon and then deciding to head off to University and is now in her last year of law; and Helen (can’t spell her last name)talking about her and her family’s life in Rwanda, Kenya and South Africa, before coming to Canada as refugees. It was a story about God’s amazing faithfulness during the terrible hardships they experienced. An amazing story! It was a wonderful evening, except for the fact that I did not win a door prize. It was hard being a loser!!

Nancy Yee spoke on Sunday evening about “Waiting”. Some excellent thoughts. I am still ruminating them over. Nancy is just one awesome young woman. I have learned so much from her and she is and has been a wonderful friend. We don’t like to wait in our lives. Everything needs to be instant. But as we wait the Holy Spirit is working in our lives. We need to continue to seek God and to pray. Patience is a very difficult part of my life. I don’t like waiting, I want it all now. But life is all about the little decisions we make every day; the little experiences that make up our day; our little responses to each situation that comes our way; our daily life is made up of little pieces; and that is the reality of life. Life isn’t about making one huge decision and that’s that. Obedience comes one step at a time. By the way, one of the fruit of the Spirit that the Holy Spirit produces in our life is patience. So let go and let God do it! Get over yourself. You owe God everything! He is the creator and maker of all things. Isn’t it wonderful to know that God knows what is going on. With that thought, I will sleep peacefully tonight.

94884346 Sunday, May 25 2003 

It is Sunday night. It has been a productive weekend. I got up Saturday morning, headed to the plant store, bought a whole bunch of plants, came home and planted them. What a wonderful day! I kept in the shade so the sun wouldn’t beat down on my head, as I have trouble with sunstroke. One summer I stayed out in the sun too long, planting plants in my bikini and ended up with sunstroke. I don’t whether the sunstroke was from planting plants in the sun or from wearing my bikini!! I decided to buy plants I hadn’t planted before, so it will be interesting to see how my planters and perennial garden looks come the middle of summer. We need to finish up tomorrow. Jerry is off so maybe he will help, I am not sure. We had a bit of a discussion this evening, but I am sure it will not affect our planting. His comment that he made, while we were spending time with some friends and talking about how busy our lives are, was that “Gloria needs to do more work at home”. Now, he says these words without a blink of an eye and with no sign of a smile, so guess what? I take offence to those words, as I am not sure people know he is joking, and I am not sure whether he is joking or not. Now he says he is joking, but I am not sure! That is my dilemma! Is he or isn’t he? That is the question! I don’t think I’ll worry too much! Get over it Gloria!! Deal with your pride!! You don’t do anything around the house, admit it!! Well, yea…..

94808398 Friday, May 23 2003 

The following quote is from my dearest friend, Brooke Graham, who is living in the Dominican Republic. This is profound! This is what she has learned and is learning! Brooke, God is amazing in you! You are the best!

“The pressure of living here has brought me some perspective on a few things. There were battles this year that I thought would destroy me and my faith, but that’s not the case. I learned that you might feel like you can’t hold it together anymore but when you get to the real breaking point (not to be confused with the exhaustion point, the fed up point or the up-to-here point) something deep inside of you will kick in and you’ll know you’re going to endure and get through. It doesn’t mean that your circumstances change or that you even feel good, it’s just something deep inside that gives you some peace.
Hard times are hard because we come face to face with the ugly and weak parts of ourselves. We reveal a side we’d much rather keep hidden away and unseen. If life were smooth, we would live in ignorance all the time. Ignorance really is bliss, but wisdom is far greater than blissfulness. We go through the ugly stuff in order to gain wisdom, increase our faith and continue on in the learning process. I don’t know why hard times always come as such a surprise or why they always seem to knock the wind right out of us. But if you can relax, then do so because there is a reason why Jesus was sleeping in the boat when all the disciples were flipping out during the storm…..it’s not that he’s careless or unconcerned. He just knows that it’s going to pass and that you’re going to be alright.
I gotta go to the beach. Too many deep thoughts for a Friday afternoon.”

94769240 Thursday, May 22 2003 

I am getting a little paranoid about blogging. It seems there are now expectations of what one should or should not blog about. I live quite a boring life so I am not so sure people want to hear about it. I also am not a very creative writer. I am much more creative when I speak!!

I just talked to Tamara. She still is not feeling that great. It looks like she will have a two week break from teaching, so I think that will be a good thing. Give her some time to rest and get healthy. Just talked to Tom on MSN as well. He has a job teaching as well.

I am heading to bed. I am tired. This has been a long week. Lots of people dealing with hard situations in their lives. Life just isn’t fair! I am so glad this earth is not all there is to life and that I can look forward with anticipation to heaven.

94672144 Wednesday, May 21 2003 

We are back! We picked up our daughter-in-law Jesika from the Calgary Airport on Saturday midnight/early Sunday morning and drove straight through to High Level, Alberta, arriving at around noon Sunday. We got Jesika to the airport at High Level at 3:00 pm to be picked up by helicopter to fly into the treeplanting site her and Matt are planting at this summer. We left High Level at 6:00 am Monday morning and arrived in Edmonton at 3:00 pm to connect with our niece Christa. We arrived home from Edmonton today at 5:30 pm. Despite all the driving we did have a wonderful weekend. Our kids are worth every mile!

94486959 Saturday, May 17 2003 

The weather was something you didn’t want to experience today in Saskatoon. Cold and winnnnnnnnndy!! Must be the May long weekend! Despite the weather, spent some great time with people I enjoy. My friend Kelly came this morning and she is just one of the greatest people in my life! To see how Christ is changing her life on a daily basis is amazing and wonderful! Our friends from Meadow Lake, Margo and her son Berk, arrived this morning as well. Berk had laser eye surgery this afternoon and we haven’t heard anything from him since he disappeared in the basement of our house. He also worked a night shift last night, so that could also account for his sleeping so much.

Jerry’s nephew Byron Nagazina from Edmonton came to stay the night on his way out to Morden, Manitoba, to spend a week with his mom Liz. It was so good to see him. He lived with us for about 4 months 8 years ago so it was like having him come home for a while.

Had a great coffee with Sheri Porrelli today. She is another special person in my life. Sheri and I worked together when I first came to Lakeview. Those were great years as we worked through many a crisis – like our one computer crushing the first week I was there with all our financial records on it. Very interesting! She is now a fulltime mother with two wonderful boys. She has also matured into a wonderful young woman who is seeking to live her life honouring God in all she does. We talked about the differences in people, like our husbands, and had some great laughs. We shared about our inner lives and our walk with Christ. What a privilege to be part of one another’s lives. She is beautiful on the outside and on the inside. What a great gal!

I was listening to a song today about how “I am but a vapor”, but the God I trust in, is eternal, so why should I fear! I need not fear for myself, my husband, my family and those who are dear to me. As I lift each of these loved ones up to Him, He reaches down and touches each person exactly where they need to be touched, because He knows each of us intimately and completely. He knows just what each of us needs and just when we need it. This God who is the creator of all, also delights in every detail of our lives! He is AWESOME!

94429162 Thursday, May 15 2003 

I am narrowing down my search for my Mother’s Day Palm Pilot. We are heading to Alberta on Saturday and will hopefully get one there, so we will save on the PST. I am thinking of getting a similar one to the one Jordon purchased (check out his blog). That way, if I have any problems and need any assistance or advice, Jordon can help me out.

94371071 Wednesday, May 14 2003 

Went and looked at some Palm Pilots today. Couldn’t quite decide what I needed. Need to talk to a few more people who have one to see what I really need. Quiet day today. Working through some things and reflecting!

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