I couldn’t publish this last night so hopefully it will go through.

This was a great weekend! The weather was beautiful and there was no rushing! We have cleared our agenda while Tamara is home and it has been very relaxing. Friday Jerry and Tamara did some banking and I had coffee with my friend Kelly. Tamara had her hair cut on Friday afternoon and for supper we headed over to spend the evening with Kelly and Brooke, Ben and Kirsten, and Donna. We had a great time. The steaks were delicious! We went to Jerry’s for dessert – which was awesome! We spent a great time around a big fire just talking and laughing! Brooke had some funny jokes!! Great day spent with family and friends.

Saturday morning we went for breakfast to the Berry Barn with some friends from Calgary. We were neighbours when we lived in Brandon and formed a great friendship. Beautiful morning having breakfast by the river. Super time just visiting and catching up on news and family. Randy and Carol were on their way to a wedding in Humboldt in the afternoon. Keeping in touch with friends from “way back when” becomes more important as we move along in life. We never know what tomorrow will bring. We just kind of hung around on Saturday afternoon, watched a movie “The Recruit” – which was good – held our attention – then drove out to Valley Road to have a game of miniature golf and finish off with some ice cream. It just doesn’t get better! Than Matt and Jesika called from Hay River, Alberta, as they had a day off from planting trees. They have 15 days of planting left and then they are free!!!

Today we spent the better part of the day at Spiritwood. We have always wanted to drive up to Spiritwood to be part of the Free Methodist Church service where Jordon and Wendy pastor. This weekend was Spiritwood’s Fair weekend so we ended up in a “Big Tent” meeting with country music and great preaching by Pastor Cooper. I loved the setting. It took we back to the 1950s growing up. Tent services, sitting on wooden benches, hot summer day, breeze blowing through the tent whipping papers off the music stands. It was great! The country songs sung were all ones I knew and had grown up with. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Really enjoyed Coop’s message this morning. He talked about how God takes “trash” and makes it into “treasure”. God takes the things that are foolishness to man and in His Kingdom makes them into something beautiful and of great worth. We are all of great worth because of the work of Christ in our lives. He sees the greatness in all of us and brings it to light. I thought it was a great way to show to all present that God finds something beautiful in all of us. We just need to let Him work in our lives and change us.

Mark loved Tamara and spent the whole morning with her. Children have always been very attracted to Tamara as she has a very special way with children. We spent lunch with the Coopers and had a great time. Small town restaurants are the best! The food was awesome and lots of it. As we headed back to Saskatoon Tamara took a nap to recover from all the activity with Mark. It also had been very hot outside. Mark slept on the way home as well.

Jordon and Wendy gave us a tour of the Lakeland Community Church. What a great place! There is just a sense of something special when you enter the church. God has used Jordon and Wendy to build His Kingdom in Spiritwood. When Jordon began ministry in Spiritwood they were in the process of looking at closing the church down. It is amazing what God does through us ordinary people. Jordon has brought a sense of purpose and direction to these people. Most of all I believe through the work of the Holy Spirit these people began to feel valued again and to believe in themselves and what God could do through them. It did not happen overnight, but has been a slow but steady process. It is exciting to hear about the changed lives in that community brought about through the work of Christ in that local church!

This evening was spent with some of the people from the Worship Freehouse. We had a picnic at Kinsmen Park. What a great time! The weather was absolutely amazing and just to spend an evening in the park with no agenda was absolutely wonderful. Great time was had by all. I got to see Cathy Johnson’s tatoo – amazing!

Well it looks like I had alot to talk about. God is good! I am learning to enjoy each day and to be thankful for each blessing that comes my way. It is so good to have Tamara home. Having her home is not necessarily stress free – but it is good.

Pray for my good friend Kelly that God will give her wisdom and direction in the days ahead. Thanks.

Mike, Sandy and Emma are coming over for breakfast tomorrow morning. It should be awesome. Tamara has brought some cute things from Taiwan for Emma. Should be fun watching her.