106726901595566221 Monday, Oct 27 2003 

The Worship Freehouse did a Worship Labyrinth last night. It was absolutely amazing. What a spiritual experience! I just want to say a personal thank you to Jordon, Wendy, Cathy, Amanda, Todd and Mark!! for taking so much time to set it up for those of us who were privileged to experience it. God is so amazing!

We also are experiencing grief on the loss of a dear friend who lost his life yesterday in a farming accident. We never know what tomorrow will bring, but we do know who holds tomorrow. Life is a journey and it does come to an end. I do know that heaven will be dancing, celebrating and giving our lots of hugs, as that is who Algy is. Somebody said “Algy is probably giving God a hug right now”. The significance of that statement is that what Algy was all about. Someone who had been broken completely and God brought beauty from ashes. Algy was the one who encouraged by giving those he loved a big hug. Our thoughts and prayer go out to Lori, his wife, and the family. God is our comfort! He asks us to trust Him, not our own understanding.


106697207785721243 Friday, Oct 24 2003 

I had a great lunch with my friend Mike today. He is back at school and doing well. It was great to connect with him and find out where he is at these days. Mike worked with me at Lakeview for a couple of years. God is continuing to change and refine Mike. It is so wonderful to see young men who are desirous of following Christ with all of their heart and life. You are the sauce Mike!

I have a friend who has been giving me flowers every day together with a note of encouragement. I have no idea who it is, but this friend has made my days brighter. Her/His words of encouragement brighten my day and give me the courage to keep going strong. Thank you to this friend! I have felt the prayers of many these past weeks. God is faithful and true and He will do it!

Today I finished all my requirements for my life experience portfolio for our denomination. I am heading into being a ministerial candidate and my interview is on November 21st. I needed to put a life experience portfolio together setting out all my work experiences; all my ministry experiences; all my post secondary education and learning opportunities; all my community service. It was a good exercise for me to go over my life and set it all out like this. We will see how it goes from here. God is good!

Matt and Jesika are in India. They survived their 3 day raft trip in Nepal. They sound well and they are enjoying their time of experiencing other cultures.

106661312538152687 Sunday, Oct 19 2003 

I am back from our Leadership Retreat in Waskesiu. What a beautiful place! The weather was absolutely beautiful and the smell of autumn and walking through the fallen leaves was wonderful. Lots of elk roaming around the townsite made it very interesting.

This retreat was a wonderful spiritually refreshing weekend, although very draining emotionally. We heard stories from different people of their experiences along the road of their spiritual journies. There is no doubt that life is not fair and many hard experiences are part of our life. It is amazing to see how God does take those experiences and down the road can bring beauty from ashes.

For me it was a non-hurried weekend. I stayed by myself and was free to come and go at my own speed – which was casual. It was very refreshing and restorative for me to just be quiet and experience the presence of the Holy Spirit in my life as I walked along through the leaves and along the lake. I have been experiencing a real renewal in my inner life to let go and allow myself to be guided and directed by God the Holy Spirit. My spirit cooperating with God the Holy Spirit – creating the future together. God sees my heart and knows my innermost motives, and maybe my outward actions do not always look like they should, but God sees my heart’s intent.

My desire is to live a life of freedom, not of legalism and bondage. Freedom comes from knowing who I am in Christ and to stand on those truths.

It was a wonderful weekend to connect with many people. God’s grace is present in all our lives as we are all broken and need fixing. Great relationships were strengthened and new ones were begun.

I had the privilege of being part of the Communion Service this morning. As I watched each person come to the altar for communion, I asked the Lord to give me a special prayer for each one – a prayer that was specific to each heart. It was amazing what God brought to mind and prayer was lifted up to Him for each person. There is no one like our God!

I was able to spend some extended time with my good friend Nancy Yee. She always challenges me, but also is my greatest affirmer. As I have listened to her wise counsel and felt her prayers on my behalf, I have seen and felt the work of the Holy Spirit in my life, making changes that only He can do. The greatest trasure we can have is a friend like Nancy who loves us completely and takes the time and effort to be honest with us and then also walks alongside us both in encouragement and prayer.

I also had the privilege this weekend to walk alongside Nancy and be her encourager and affirm the work of Christ in her life. As we deal with the brokenness of others around us, it does affect our lives and emotions and we need others to help us work through those times. I believed Christ could be trusted to bring clarity into this situation and He did. Reconciliation was made and a friendship and relationship was strengthened by walking through and dealing with a hard situation.

Kelly and Brooke just dropped by and we all agreed that this weekend had been all about Christ and His redemptive work in our lives. We came home encouraged in knowing that God is at work within us and among us.

106610880933787192 Tuesday, Oct 14 2003 

We had a great time at Doris and Lorne’s in Prince Albert. Great food! Great conversation! Great time!

Jordon, Wendy and Mark came over tonight with a dozen freshly baked pumpkin muffins. Jordon had lots to tell about his week in Boston. Lots of interesting stuff. Lots of fun experiences with Jeb and Todd!!

Well, back to work tomorrow. The long weekends disappear too fast!

106592860768462503 Saturday, Oct 11 2003 

Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend. We have much to be thankful for. Today I am thankful for a God who can reach down and touch each of my kids, Tamara, Matt and Jesika, wherever they are on the other side of the globe, when I pray to Him and ask Him to do just that.

We will be spending Thanksgiving dinner with my sister Doris and her husband Lorne. It will also be their 35th Wedding Anniversary tomorrow. Time does fly!

I phoned my sister Joanne today, as it was my turn to call, and we had a wonderful visit. We are all hoping to connect in Calgary, that is the women, on the November long weekend. Should be fun!

106582875628133794 Friday, Oct 10 2003 

Lakeview had a Day of Prayer today and they prepared our Fireside Room into a Room of Prayer. We wanted to have continuous prayer for 12 hours. I went at 9 this morning and it was wonderful. Different stations had been set up all around the room where you could pray and express your thoughts to God.

One station was a place where you could put down the names of special people you wanted to pray for and throughout the day others who came could pray for them as well. As well you could pray for the people of Lakeview and all those who are involved in ministry.

Another station was a place where you could write a prayer of thanks or create something creative which symbolized your thanks. I wrote a prayer of thanks. My God knows that I do not have a creative bone in my body. Although it was wonderful to see what others had created.

Another station was kind of like a tent where you could go in alone and be separate and quiet before God.

Another station was where you could pray for the future facility we are hoping to build and for God to be the head of all our plans and also for all the people who are involved in that venture.

Another station had numerous books on prayer where you could read on the subject of prayer and increase your knowledge on prayer.

Another station was where you could write what you experienced while praying.

Another station was just available for people to either sit or kneel to pray for all needs.

Another station was a place where you could kneel and take communion. My special friend Kelly served me communion – wonderful experience.

Another station had CDs and Disc Players so you could listen to music. There was an awesome CD of Hymns which I listened to including “Blessed Assurance Jesus is Mine” a wonderful hymn from my childhood.

Throughout, the room was decorated with Fall colours, leaves, candles – it was very much a sanctuary for me this morning. What a wonderful way to start my day!

Children were encouraged to come as well. I think that is absolutely wonderful. The Church is about family and children are a vital part of all we do and are at Lakeview.

Our Prayer Team did an absolutely wonderful job of creating a sanctuary for prayer.

106576026385832748 Thursday, Oct 9 2003 

We do have an awesome Small Group! Marty and Krista came tonight with their new little baby daughter, Trinity Raine. What a privilege to be able to pray for this new family and to be part of their lives.

We are watching a video of the Gospel of Matthew. Today we covered John the Baptist, the baptism of Jesus and Jesus’ temptation. Good discussion as we talk about the temptations we face. So many of them are the thoughts that we think. How do we replace those negative bad thoughts with good and transforming thoughts? God’s Word is the answer. Jesus rebuked Satan with Scripture.

We encouraged our Small Group to read Philippians 4 this week. There are some great verses in there that can help us as we walk along our spiritual journey.

Spent time with my good friend Patti Sopatyk this afternoon. She gave me lots of food for thought. Their Small Group is going through the “Good Sense” course. It is about how we handle God’s resources or our (his) possessions. Our view of money is very similar, and she brought out some hard lessons she has been learning and certainly apply to my life. It was so good to spend some time with her – it had been awhile.

When I went to leave Mystic Java, I couldn’t find my car keys. I looked everywhere and they were not to be found. After much fanfare, one of the waitresses found them under the couch close to where I had been sitting. How they got there I have no idea. They must have fallen there when I stood up or something!! Then when I went out to get into my car I couldn’t remember what it looked like as I was driving one of the maaaaaany cars Jerry has parked in our driveway. Life can be difficult sometimes – just the ordinary things in life become obstacles to climb over!!!!! Sounds like I am climbing the Himalayas doesn’t it!!!!!!!

106565745148572001 Wednesday, Oct 8 2003 

Another beautiful day in Saskatoon! I wish it could go on forever!! Wishful thinking in Saskatchewan!

Some thoughts from Thomas Merton on silence.

Silence is therefore important even in the life of faith and in our deepest encounter with God. We cannot always be talking, praying in words, cajoling, reasoning, verbalizing, or keeping up a kind of devout background music. Much of our well-meant interior religious dialogue is, in fact, a smoke screen and an evasion. Much of it is simply self-reassurance, and in the end it is little better than a form of self-justification. Instead of really meeting God in the nakedness of faith in which our inmost being is laid bare before him, we act out an inner ritual that has no function but to allay anxiety.

106548245837513631 Monday, Oct 6 2003 

Matt and Jesika haven’t connected with us either for about 2 weeks. I hope the Himalayas didn’t eat them up! It is hard when your kids grow up and are on their own – especially when they live on the other side of the world with no means of communication!

Okay Gloria quit feeling sorry for yourself!!!!

106548232657651210 Monday, Oct 6 2003 

Actually I haven’t heard from my other sister Joanne in a long while either. Maybe she figures it is my turn to call. I think she has the advantage as she can read my blog every day and doesn’t need to call to see if I am still alive!!!!!

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