107526153015468132 Tuesday, Jan 27 2004 

We talked to Tamara last night. She had a wonderful trip to Bali. She got lots of sun and lots of rest. She was complaining about the cold in Kaohsiung, like, 15C and was using two big quilts to keep warm!!! There apartments do not have central heating so it can get quite cool!! We told her she really didn’t have much to complain about considering what the temperature is here.


107526138016545203 Tuesday, Jan 27 2004 

I haven’t died and gone to heaven!! It is -40C here tonight! It seems like a dream that we were on the beach 2 weeks ago and it was +35C.

Have been working through some issues that have come into my life since returning home. Nothing too serious, but still taking me time to work out in a positive way. We know all the “pat” answers until we experience some of this stuff ourselves.

Have been filtering through so many of our experiences while in Asia and all I can say is a big “thank you” to our kids for encouraging us to come. We will never be the same because of it. Who knows, we might just get the “travel” bug!!

My sister Doris gave me the book “Chicken Soup for the Sister’s Soul” for Christmas and I have been reading it. Now for those of you who know me, these are not the kind of books I like to read, but Doris said, Gloria you need to read this book, it is wonderful. Well, 95 pages later, my eyelids are swollen and red from crying over all these stories. I will probably have to get “botox” injections for my eyelids as a result!!!!

107438435619473678 Saturday, Jan 17 2004 

Back in Saskatoon

It is amazing when you realize how difficult it is to get back to your own time zone and schedule. My sleep patterns are still all mixed up and I didn’t get up until 3:00 pm this afternoon as I didn’t get to sleep until the early hours of the morning as well. I will try and get to sleep earlier tonight to see if I can turn around my sleep patterns.

We have had the privilege of getting to see some of our good friends here in Saskatoon and to relate some of our stories from our travels. Now that we are back it seems like all our travels were just a dream! Time comes and goes so quickly. However, we will never be the same. All we have seen and learned and experienced will have changed us forever. It will be fun once we get all our pictures up and in order to share with you. Jordon is going to assist us in putting together a fotolog, which will be fun to do.

Jordon, Wendy and Mark were over last night. Our neighbour, Hedwig, dropped over as well and we had a great time exchanging stories. Mark, who is 3 1/2, is just the neatest kid – like he would say “I am a boy kid” – and talks a mile a minute. He was telling me that Tamara lives in Taiwan! He has something to say about everything – I wonder who he gets that from!!!!

Jerry is back to work tonight so I am just enjoying some quiet time. The biggest adjustment in Asia was all the noise. It was absolutely incredible!! I said when I was there that when I got home I was just going to sit and enjoy the silence and that is just what I am doing tonight. Quiet!!! Wonderful!!!

We will have many stories to tell and hopefully over the next while Jerry and I can share them with you. Jerry got the “blogging” bug on our vacation, so I am hoping that will continue.

107414535536779102 Wednesday, Jan 14 2004 

Just a short note to say we arrived back safely in Saskatoon about 7:30 this evening. Now comes the great time of unpacking and trying to get our bodies in sync with the time change we experienced. It feels a little “cool” for us temperature wise, but we are not complaining. Oh to be able to sleep in our own soft bed tonight!! Sweet dreams!!!

107382924615219102 Sunday, Jan 11 2004 

Hong Kong

We have been enjoying the City of Hong Kong today. It has been a wonderful day. This City is something else. Hong Kong is the ultimate extreme from Bangkok, right from the airport to the people. In Bangkok most of the time there was always confusion and seemingly chaos. The drive from the Hong Kong Airport to our hotel in Kowloon was breathtaking with the scenery together with the structure of roadways and buildings, with the water surrounding so much of it as well as mountains – quite a mixture of everything to make it an exceptional experience.

We will sign off as we are writing this blog in the hotel bar with live entertainment and Jerry isn’t keeping his attention on this blog!!! I can’t imagine why!!!!

Tomorrow we head back to Taipei and then on our way to Los Angeles. It is 20 degrees and Jerry is freezing already!! Just wait til he hits cold Saskatchewan!!!

We feel as if we have been completely severed from what is happening in the world. Very little news is heard in Vietnam and Thailand and we are completely out of the loop on what is happening. Jerry is starting to think hockey and is wondering who won the World Junior Hockey Tournament. We caught a bit of a football game between Carolina and St. Louis at the airport today, but had to board our flight while the game was still in overtime – Jerry still doesn’t know who won!!!

I think the live entertainment – female vocalist – needs some practice – Jerry is hoping she looks better than she sings!! Typical male response!!!!!

107365090111958369 Friday, Jan 9 2004 

We are starting our trip back home tomorrow afternoon. Our time on Koh Samui is completed tomorrow afternoon as we fly to Bangkok to start our journey home to Saskatoon. The weather has been wonderful and we have had a great rest. We have enjoyed touring around the island on our motorbike. Jerry has actually gotten pretty used to driving on the left side of the road. There is no doubt that this is a beautiful place – too bad it takes such a long flight to get here!

We have replaced our ferry and bus trip to a flying trip back to Bangkok. We couldn’t hack another sleepless night on a bus without air conditioning and nowhere for Jerry to put his body!!! The humidity on our way down here was so high that all the windows fogged up and we couldn’t even see outside the bus. That pretty well finished it for these tourists!!! In the past 5 weeks we have travelled by airplane, both internationally and regionally; overnight train; day train; overnight bus; subway; van; taxi; scooter; motorcycle; “tuck tuck” (3 wheeled motorcycle which has seating for 3 behind the driver in Bangkok and all the drivers are “rip off artists”); boat; ferry; and by foot. By the time I arrive home I will have devoured close to 45 gravol pills. I have to say that to this point I have not experienced motion sickness to any great degree. Good old gravol has kept everything in my stomach!!!

We have experienced lots of sun and big waves this week. It has been wonderful, for the most part. Met a neat couple from Calgary this week, which was great. By the end of the week we were pretty used to all the European women going topless!!!! We have had lots of time to read and have devoured quite a few pages this past week – we have really enjoyed that.

Don’t know when we will have access to a computer again – so Calgary should see us on Tuesday, January 13th around 4:30 pm.

107346853339470549 Wednesday, Jan 7 2004 

Hello from Koh Samui, Thailand. . . the weather is in the 30’s with lots of humidity. It rained today for the first time on our holidays. It felt good!

Jerry blogs:

I had an awesome time crossing the water to the island of Samui. It was so relaxing I fell asleep on the planks of the top deck – burnt my face and my legs.

Though the people we encounter seem to be great, there appears to be a double motive in all that they do. We have to negotiate everything and at times we have to use “christian” rudity! That reminds me, that we have encountered both rudeness from the locals and nudeness from the Europeans!!! It sure is hard to look someone straight in the eye when they are topless!!!!

Scenery is incredible though the island has taken on too many commercial ventures. It always takes a day or two to adjust oneself to a new location. It is even harder when they cannot speak the same langugage. Today, for example, I was looking for another lawn chair to put in front of our suite. Somehow I tried to explain that I needed a lawnchair. The first response was she handed me a towel. Then I made a sitting motion and she handed me toilet paper – so finally I had to take her hand and show her a chair and she smiled at me and I am not sure if it was because she could understand me or liked me holding her hand. Anyways, we did get the chair 10 minutes later and we read books in the rain underneath the canopy.

My scooter stories from Taiwan continued into Vietnam and now into Thailand. It is hard adjusting to driving on the right side of the road. But there is no problem making adjustment especially when there is a truck bearing down on you. Streets are very narrow sometimes difficult even for one to share the road with a truck.

Had the misfortune today of losing my travellers cheques – no big deal – I will have to wait until I get home in order to recover them. It was great to go to the ATM today and to find out that I had hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bank – only to find out it was all baht.

Food is great, but my stomach hasn’t felt the greatest and I have actually lost weight. This is not true for Gloria however!!! So now you know that Gloria is “full of it”!! She’s still a great chick!!!! At first I thought I would never come back to Thailand, but you can’t fault the people because it appears that the culture dictates the action. Perhaps we can look at ourselves and see how our actions have been dictated by our culture. That is rather profound for me, isn’t it?

Geordon, the book “Blue like Jazz” is the best book I have read. Probably because I can identify with the author. It was a great read and Gloria has been given instructions that this book CANNOT be given away!!! So those of you who want to borrow it, loosen up and buy your own book!!! It is only worth 5 or 10 coffees!! The local church will be blessed if you read this book and if you enjoy it you are weird just like me!!

I’m done for now – I need to get my chick on the motorcycle and head down the wrong side of the street! I hope it rains, she needs a shower!!!

107326285549947643 Sunday, Jan 4 2004 

The Things we’ve seen
The Places we’ve been
The Experiences we’ve had

Greetings from Thailand! We are now waiting for our transportation to Ko Samui, an island off the coast of Thailand. We took an overnight bus to get here which was an experience in itself. We are looking forward to spending a few days on the beach with nothing to do but read books.

We spent a couple of days in Bangkok with Tamara. We had lots of fun. We also enjoyed our time in Hoi An. Computer access was limited and the electricity kept going off as well. Very unique! Must happen often as each place has a big backup generator that runs their power.

Just wanted to let you all know that we are well. I sprained my ankle yesterday while walking and stepping off a curb the wrong way. I think that means that Jerry will have to look after me this week by bringing me drinks on the beach!!!!

We have had some interesting experiences this trip. The world sure works different in than in Canada – some good some not so good!

Hopefully we will have better computer access on the island.

I am starting to yearn for my own bed. It will be nice to be home and get into my little yellow car and “put put” down the quiet streets of Saskatoon.