Transformed by Grace Seminar on Saturday Sunday, Feb 29 2004 

I attended this seminar on Saturday put on by The Women’s Journey of Faith Team as a followup to their November conference. It was an amazing day. For me the best part was being a table facilitator and sharing life with six other women. Some of these women had come through and were going through some huge issues in their lives. At the end of the day, we were friends, because we were not afraid to show others our weak spots in our lives and how we are struggling to know God more intimately. We all realize that it is through these hard spots that God, by His grace and by His Spirit, transforms us into something beautiful. Great day


Life Sunday, Feb 29 2004 

It is difficult to put into words what life is like right now for me. I call it “a going deeper time” which never ever feels great at the time. Good things are happening, but at the same time life doesn’t make a lot of sense for a whole lot of people. Do we always have to be smiling and happy? I don’t think so. Sometimes you so badly want certain things to work out and when they don’t, you just have to work through the stuff that comes after. Now we know all the right answers that God knows best and He see the whole big picture, so don’t be discouraged, which is all true – but we still have to work through the “muck” of life! God is Good! All the time!

FEELING DOWN Tuesday, Feb 24 2004 

Well, my family have all gone home and the weekend went too quickly. You look forward to something so much and when it is over, it just went by too fast.

Spirituality Wednesday, Feb 18 2004 

I received a phone call today from one of our congregation who had received an email from another pastor, who is not part of Lakeview, and read parts of it to me. This email of condemnation had been sent to this person without this pastor having had any interaction at all with the person he sent the email to or even bothering to find out what the other side of the situation was. I could not believe what was being said! Where does this come from? God……

This person has been taking baby steps towards Christ and has a sincere desire to keep walking in that direction. The actions of this pastor towards this person were absolutely wrong and totally inappropriate! Lord, keep me from having a condemning spirit towards others. My heart breaks for the people involved.

Family Wednesday, Feb 18 2004 

My sister Doris gave me a book this Christmas “Chicken Soup for the Sisters Soul” – actually I think I talked about this book earlier. I am not finished it yet, but it has been an excellent read and it has been very good for me so far (I have to admit I did skip some pages!!!).

My sisters Doris and Joanne are coming this weekend. I know this will sound silly to some people, but while in Asia I really missed my sisters. Now it is not that we live close to each other and see each other all the time, but they just seemed so far away and inaccessible. It’s funny how family works sometimes, we miss them at the oddest times. But there is a special bond that comes with being a sister, and I am privileged to be a sister and have 2 sisters.

I do miss my daughter Tamara. We spent 3 weeks together over Christmas and New Years. Did we get along all the time? By the end of the holiday we were all getting a little impatient with each other. As your children become adults your relationship with them changes, and this is a good thing. I like my adult children! It was neat during our holiday to just sit and listen while they interacted with others around me. They have experienced and learned so much in such a short time and are able to speak on a meridian of different issues and ideas. Matt and Jesika will be home in April. Tamara, we don’t know when we will see her. I miss hanging out with her, even though she always makes fun of what I am wearing or how I am acting!!!!!

People Wednesday, Feb 18 2004 

I wish there was some way we could make certain that all people are valued for who they are and who they have been created to be. Sometimes I get discouraged as I see how people don’t value one another and want to control those around them. It seems we all are too interested in the big “I” and forget that we need to value others just like we want them to value us. We have to work hard, especially in relationships that are dear to us, to have mutual respect and love for each other.

In talking to somebody today, she asked the question “Can there be love without respect?” What do you think?

40 years Friday, Feb 13 2004 

It is 40 years today that Jerry and I went on our first date. We were both 16 at the time – highschool sweethearts!!!! It really wasn’t very romantic as Jerry asked me out on a dare and I didn’t have anyone better to go with that evening, so went. I never gave it a second thought that maybe someday I might marry this guy and live happily ever after!!! Well I did marry him 5 1/2 years later and I am not sure how that happened because Jerry never did ask me to marry him, he just assumed I would!!! What a guy!! I don’t know if it was confidence or arrogance on his part!!!! He still can make me laugh and when he walks into a room and catches my eye and winks at me, my stomach still does the “flutters”!! I think that is pretty good after 40 years of hanging out together – don’t you????

New Atom RSS feed Wednesday, Feb 11 2004 

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107646336841610421 Tuesday, Feb 10 2004 

I attended an amazing funeral/memorial service this morning. I left totally inspired and encouraged. Pastor Wes Long from Ebenezer Baptist Church played the piano prior to and after the service and he was amazing. He played hymn after hymn and, of course, I knew them all – it was simply inspiring!

However I decided something while listening to all the tributes given to this wonderful man and thought it would be absolutely wonderful if he could have been sitting on the platform hearing every word that was being spoken. Now I know there are those of you who will say, he was there, but I mean in a physical kind of way.

With this in mind, I have decided that I want to attend my memorial service before I die. I want to be able to celebrate with those who have been impacted by my life and those of my family around me. Now, that won’t be easy if I happen to die in an accident, but if per chance I know ahead of time that my time is getting short, I think it would be awesome to have a party with all my family and friends and celebrate together!

What do you think? I think it is a great idea! Now this might come as a surprise to my family as I have not discussed this with them at all, but I think they would agree.

Read the book “Tuesdays with Morrie” or “Messy Spirituality”. Good examples of that happening in those books!

107628098020659927 Sunday, Feb 8 2004 

It’s been awhile since I have blogged. It is winter and it has been cold, which really is no excuse, but it is for me.

Getting back into the grind of life has not been easy and has come with some stress. Not sure where I am heading these days. We’ll just have to keep listening to find out.

I can now officially marry people as I am now officially “Pastor” Gloria Reimer. When I received this envelope from the Department of Justice addressed to Pastor Gloria Reimer, and upon opening it saw my credentials to marry, it was quite funny. I have never actually ever wanted to do weddings, but we will see, maybe that will change in the future.

We are still having fun recalling our many experiences while travelling in Asia. It almost seems like a dream, but it changed us forever.

My goal over the next year or so is to read the Bible through chronologically. I am really looking forward to that. Hopefully I will be consistent in my life to complete the task.

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