Tamara is home Sunday, Jul 18 2004 

Our daughter Tamara surprised us today by arriving h0me for 3 weeks vacation. Needless to say there were many tears and much surprise. I can’t believe that she is here. She was supposed to phone us this morning before she left for her holiday to Cambodia…or so we thought…so we ended up phoning to Taiwan to see why she hadn’t phoned…talking to her roommate she said Tamara was out and that she was leaving for Cambodia on Tuesday…meanwhile she is being picked up at the SAskatoon airport by friends…we are talking on the phone to our son Matt and she walks into the house…I still can’t believe it…we rented a movie tonight and as per usual Jerry and I ended up watching it and Tamara slept through the movie…it is so good to have her home…God is Good…He does give us the desires of our heart…He sees a mom’s lonely heart for her daughter and He starts directing the steps…I am so grateful.


I’m Here Monday, Jul 12 2004 

I haven’t been blogging as my finger is still in a splint and it isn’t that easy to type…summer appears to be here with sunshine and thunderstorms…I love those but am glad I don’t live in Edmonton…unbelieveable…these days have been slow and Jerry and I taking time to relax, garden and read books…it has been nice…it has been very quiet at work with many on holidays…it has been nice…a couple of staff will be back this week.

Haven’t heard much from Matt and Jesika…they are still up in northern Alberta planting trees…as far as we know anyway…Tamara is busy doing summer camp and enjoying it…great change for her for a couple of weeks…she is heading to Cambodia on the 19th for a holiday…doesn’t look like she will be home soon.

Doing lots of thinking and reflecting on life…God is so good and I am always amazed again at his goodness toward us finite creatures…I have been reading through Philippians again and finding so many new truths that apply to me today…good stuff to make practical in my life…Paul says to make sure we put into practice what we have learned…so often we learn and it goes no further than our head and it does not change our attitudes or our behaviour…not good…it needs to go further than our thoughts…okay Gloria think practical!