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Maritimes Thursday, Sep 30 2004 

Greetings to all from Eastern Canada. I tried to blog prior to us leaving from Saskatoon but blogger would not cooperate and refused to post my messages.

We spent 3 days in Newfoundland – it was absolutely amazing – loved the country – history was awesome including churches (Methodist Church especially – great history of its beginning in Newfoundland) – side-by-side homes which go for a whole block brightly coloured and something to see – great people who were always willing to assist two prairie people – historical homes – military history – lighthouse history – just truly a great time. We stayed in St. John’s for two nights and then spent two nights on the Portugal Cove right on the water – we sat on our deck and could look right on the ocean – the owners were great people as well.

We have now spent 2 days in Halifax – another beautiful City with lots of history – huge ships come into the harbour – cruise ships and container ships – and we also saw a submarine in the harbour this afternoon. Halifax has really invested into its history and restored most of their harbour buildings which are now utilized for business, shops and restaurants – original cobblestone streets – just beautiful. They have developed the whole harbour for walking and it was great to walk along the harbour in the sunshine with the wind blowing through our hair. We are heading out into the country tomorrow to Mahone Bay and then on to Windsor to their Pumpkin Festival and Wine stomping Festival in a neighbouring town – should be fun. We will then hook up with Berk Buchko on Sunday and take in some of the history around Wolfeville and Acadia University. We have had only 1 day of rain and the rest have been sunny. Remnants of Jean left just a little bit of rain while we were in Portugal Cove and our first day in Halifax.

While keeping up on the news in Saskatoon via blogs, I saw that my dear friend Jean Nafe is now in heaven. I don’t know any of the details but I do feel sad. Jean was one of a kind! I called her before leaving on vacation and she talked about having to do chemo again as her doctor said some spots had shown up on her liver and she needed to go back on chemo. She wasn’t too happy with that, but was willing to do it. Her last bout of chemo had been very hard on her and it was taking time to recuperate from that. She was always so positive and looked at the bright side of life. She truly will be missed, but she has also left a wonderful legacy behind.

Hopefully I will be able to blog again and hopefully this blog will publish!

I’m Back Friday, Sep 24 2004 

Jerry and I are heading to the East Coast. I hope to be blogging from there. See ya there!

I’m Back Friday, Sep 24 2004 

I have not expired and am alive and well! Jerry and I are headed to the East Coast early tomorrow morning and I am hoping to post our journies from there. We will be in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, PEI and Cape Breton. Should be beautiful at this time of the year with all the leaves turning colour. See ya there!

East Coast Friday, Sep 24 2004 

Greetings from sunny Saskatoon. No I haven’t expired!!! Jerry and I are heading out to the East Coast for a couple of weeks. Jerry is flying out for work and decided to take me along!!! We have always wanted to head to the East Coast during the autumn season so we are finally going! We start at St. John’s, Newfoundland, and then head to Halifax to tour Nova Scotia, PEI and Cape Breton. I am hoping to post regularly from there. We have to be at the airport tomorrow at 5:30 am, so that means “hitting the hay”early.