Sunshine Friday, Oct 29 2004 

Sunshine brightest my soul! Today I pulled back all the blinds on our windows facing south and let the sunshine in!! It was amazing.

Life in October is always interesting for me! I have good days and I have days that are not so good – but I am thinking that I am too consumed with “me” and not grateful enough for the many good things around me. The urgent often gets in the way of life and I don’t like that.

Today was spent with some great friends Jerry, Kelly and Darren. We had some great conversations together sitting in the sunshine in our living room. Kelly had an “aha” moment where something suddenly came crystal clear to her – that was amazing. There is no doubt some would have perhaps questioned our conversation, but it was honest and we could be just who we are. Isn’t it too bad that often we have to hide who we really are because we know we will not be accepted or appreciated or we are afraid to say what we really think because we are not sure how we will be responded to. I am so glad I do have friends who I can be myself with and we may not always agree, but we agree to disagree and love the stimulating conversations that come out of those differences.

I am learning lots these days but most of it is not something I can write about – things deep inside that often are difficult to articulate. I find that in my dark days that learning is deep and doesn’t feel so great, but that’s okay – nobody said life would be easy!

Grateful – my good friend Kim talked about practicing an attitude of gratefulness – that has been good for me – I love the beautiful hoarfrost that was on the trees this week with the sun shining on them and as I took the long way to work to enjoy this beautiful scene – I know that the ocean is Hawaii is beautiful, but there is still nothing like the sparkling of the frost on the trees with the sun shining brightly in a cool clear blue sky! Yes, I do need the sun and the many gray days we’ve had are just that – graaaaaaaaaaaaay! I need the sun – both sun and Son!


Home at last Wednesday, Oct 13 2004 

We arrived home today at 4:50 pm! Long day with flying all the way from Halifax this morning. We had good flights with West Jet, but needed to change planes twice – once in Toronto and then in Winnipeg.

Our time in the Maritimes was wonderful! It is just so amazingly beautiful there this time of the year. The leaves are all changing colour and the sight is breathtaking! Needless to say, when we got off the plane into “dull” “leafless” Saskatoon, we both needed to make an intentional effort to look at the positive side of life here in “Sunny” Saskatoon. Coming back from holidays is never easy and is especially difficult when you have had such an enjoyable time.

We thoroughly enjoyed Cape Breton – the people and the Cabot Trail drive were wonderful. We took in some of their Celtic Colours Festival musical events which were amazing. I hope to blog on some of the highlights of our trip. We must have taken close to 400 pictures!!

Its back to work tomorrow morning!

Bridgewater, Nova Scotia Monday, Oct 4 2004 

We arrived in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, this evening. We drove around the south eastern tip of Nova Scotia. The colours were absolutely beautiful as we travelled through the different escarpments of the land. We are driving a van so it gives us lots of room to look out and appreciate the countryside. We had a wonderful day in Wolfeville and surrounding area the last two days. We went to the biggest pumpkin weighoff in Windsor, NS and the winning pumpkin weighed in at 1,101 pounds. It was huge and the winner was from New Brunswick. Then we headed out to the local winery at Falmouth and watched grapes being stumped into juice and then the juice was put through pantyhose as a sieve and the team that won had made over 29 pounds of juice. Jerry had a huge plate of mussels for $2.00 which were out of this world delicious and I enjoyed the local cheesecake. We then headed to a local dinner theatre on Saturday night and it was hilarious. It was written and performed by all the local people. We sat with a couple visiting from Germany and a mother and daughter her had moved here from Switzerland. It was a great evening. We had such a great laugh.

On Sunday we spent the day with our second son Berk Buchko at Wolfeville. We took in the Grande Prie historical site which recounted the history of the Acadians in Nova Scotia. Very interesting and very well done. We then headed out to the lookoff point, but the fog was so thick we couldn’t see a thing. Berk then gave us a tour of Acadia University which is a wonderful campus. The new Irving Building is something to see – what a wonderful facility built by the Irving family. We also met Berk’s good friend, the Chaplain of Acadia, Rev. Roger Prentice – we invited him to join us for lunch and then later he gave us a tour of the beautiful chapel at Acadia. We ate lots of food – too much – and by 9:30 pm were ready for bed.

We stayed at “The Rectory” Bed and Breakfast in Port William. We were given the Bishop’s Room which had a great story to it. The owners were absolutely wonderful and we spent quite a bit of time with them – they lived in Calgary for 33 years but grew up in Nova Scotia. Ron is a geologist and an antique car buff – he has refurbished a 1929 Model T. so he and Jerry had lots to talk about. They had also travelled alot and we shared travelling stories – a wonderful couple.

We are now on our way to PEI and then on to Cape Breton. Cape Breton is starting their “The Colours Festival” which will exhibit all their local music and art. We are attempting to find out where and when the events are happening so we can attend some of the events.

It seems we have been gone for a long time – but it has only been 9 days – but we sure have covered a lot of country. We are doing well and enjoying ourselves – with the exception of map reading!!!!