Berk and Mel Thursday, Nov 11 2004 

Mel finally has a ring on her finger…we got the call this evening from Berk that the ring was finally in place…engaged…that is great news…we are excited for them…looks like a wedding this summer…Congratulations!


Amazing People Tuesday, Nov 9 2004 

The past few days have been filled with meeting young people who have shared their spiritual journey with me as well as just talking about their lives. There is nothing better than to be inspired by the stories of people’s lives – how they have experienced God – how they have worked through difficult times in their lives – when they have felt closest to God – how they have worked out relationships with others. I also have the privilege of affirming them in the Spiritual Gifts that they have been given and how there is a connecting thread through their life experiences. The best part is encouraging them to keep growing and reaching for God and new life experiences; and not to be afraid to risk.

I’m Back Monday, Nov 8 2004 

The past couple weeks have been very busy and yesterday afternoon and this morning are my “laid back” times. I can’t believe I watched part of 3 football games yesterday, but it was so good to just sit and “veg” and feel okay about it.

Lots of learning going on in my life – I spoke at Encounter on Wednesday evening and, of course, those of us who speak, the best part is all the study that goes on in preparation and how our lives are challenged and changed in the process. I have been learning about “love” and what it truly means to experience the complete, unconditional love of the Father. I will never experience that completely here on earth, as said in Ephesians 3, but I am moving in that direction. There is freedom in loving and in not judging others. My dad lived that in his life so I have a wonderful example to follow.

Our kids are doing well – Tamara in Taiwan, still teaching, and appears to be enjoying it a little bit more. We are planning a trip to New Zealand, hopefully in March, and we will meet Tamara there. Matt and Jesika are studying hard at the University of Calgary and looking after their family, Niko and Griffen, there two puppies/dogs. Matt and Jesika will be home for Christmas so that will be absolutely wonderful. This will be our first Christmas without Tamara, which I don’t really want to think about and so put away any thoughts in that direction.

It is November and the temperatures have not been too bad – on Friday it was +12 which was amazing – people walking around in shirt sleeves.

Connecting with alot of people who are facing hard situations in life – life is not fair and life is not easy – but we keep walking ahead – maybe slowly – but facing in the right direction.