Christmas Holidays Tuesday, Dec 28 2004 

Matt and Jesika arrived early December 23rd morning, like 1:15 am, with all their car windows frozen except for the bottom half of their windshield. They were pretty well frozen by the time they arrived. We were happy they made it.

It has been an amazing Christmas Season for us. Quiet but beautiful! It is so awesome to have Matt and Jesika home for Christmas. Jesika has never celebrated Christmas with us here in Saskatoon before, and it was wonderful to have her here. Tamara called twice on Christmas Day from China, where she is travelling for two weeks, so it felt that she was part of our day as well.

Spending time with family and friends is so much of what Christmas is about. As time goes on you appreciate so much more, it seems, the time you have with those who are very special in your life. Doris and Lorne and Jordon, Wendy and Mark joined us for Christmas dinner. Mark was so excited to be with Matt and Jesika so he was in high gear the whole time…but it was so much fun. We received some wonderful gifts, good books, pictures, candles, wonderful words written by our children…we made great memories.

I am so thankful for this time. Kelly, Brooke and Molly were here today for the day. Brooke, Matt and Jesika cooked up a storm of Indian dishes, which were absolutely out of this world. What a great day of discussions, laughter, food, cooing over Molly and making her giggle, and just all around a great time. Kristy was here as well, so it was just a lot of fun.

I trust this season has been good in your life as well. Matt has given me some more food for thought as we discuss different views on Christianity. He is a critical thinker and asks many questions and makes many observations that trigger a whole new train of thought. Having travelled and experienced many different cultures, and now studying how many of these cultures came to be, gives Matt a very different perspective from those of us who have never moved too far from our Western culture. We need to be challenged as we often get too comfortable with where we are at. Keep searching Matt and sharing your thoughts! Jesika also brings such a great perspective to these conversations as well…what fun having our kids at home.

Niko and Griffin, Matt and Jesika’s two puppies, are just hilarious! Taking these puppies for a walk, or should I say run as they never walk, it just so much fun. This morning in the park, Matt took Griffin down the slide with him and Niko decided to go down the adjoining slide by himself…what a hoot! We got a picture of him sliding down through the snow…it was so funny! They love the snow, and we have had quite a bit of fresh snow the last couple of days, so they have been having a great time.

The kids are staying for one more day and then they are heading back. I still have the rest of the week off so am looking forward to spending some time in the books I received for Christmas. Jordon and Wendy always provide at least one book as a gift…what I like about the books given by them…is they are never the usual “christian” books, but ones that are thought provoking. I just wish I could consume books as quickly as Jordon and retain the information read as well!!


Blog up and running again Tuesday, Dec 28 2004 

My blog expired and Jordon neglected to check it out for me and the notice of expiration ended up in his spam box…yes Jordon I need you to look after me when it comes to my blog…anyway it is good to be back at it!!

Christmas Monday, Dec 20 2004 

Decorating getting done and kids arrive this week. Lots of work but lots of fun.

Christmas Spirit Monday, Dec 13 2004 

Christmas has not always been a great time of the season for me, but this year it is different. I haved decided to practice simplicity in my decorating and not be stressed out by comparing my decorating to others. I am excited to have Christmas in our home this year as last year we were in Vietnam and it was so different. Matt and Jesika are coming home together with thei two dogs, Niko and Griffen, so that should e some fun.

I have been reading a book by Brennan Manning titled “The Signature of Jesus”. It has been a very thought provoking book and has challenged me greatly as he talks about radical discipleship. He talks alot about simplicity and seeking God is the only thing worth doing in this life. He has some great practical ways in which to practice God being at the core of your being. It is remarkable what this does for my life as I center on the core of my life and being connected to Jesus. It is amazing and I am so grateful for the continued movement toward Jesus and the different it is makinh in our life and the peace that captivates our life as we know that God loves as completely and passionately and there is nothing we can do to change that. Letting go of our ourselves and giving ourselvies over to him 100 percent.

Connected with Berk and Mel this weekend and congratulated them on their engagenent. I am hoping to do premarriage sessions with them to give them a great start right from the beginning.

The concept that each person is created in the image of God is totally captivating to me and makes me realize that nobody is not loved and created with intentionality and value. What a honor.

Continue to seek God with all of tour heart and lean not on your own understanding. He makes ours paths straight and we need to make sure we are connected to him to make the right decision. But overall we need to make sure we are in a right relationship with Christ before we can even begin to minster to others ”Love is the answer”Continue to walk facing in the direction of Jesus. He will give you want you need to make the changes in your life. I know, because he does that to me.