We never know what tomorrow will bring… Saturday, Jan 29 2005 

Just heard tonight that a van on its way to Edmonton on Thursday evening rolled on icy roads with 5 of our staff and friends…everyone is fine with no major injuries…but it could of been so different…Reg, Sandy, Carmen, Cathy and Kimberley, are all fine except for some bumps, bruises and sore muscles…as I said we don’t know what tomorrow will bring…we need to live each day as if it is our last…thank you Lord that they were all wearing their seatbelts and are safe.

Our friend, Lawrence Bamford’s dad passed away this morning…it is always hard to lose a parent…no matter what age they are or we are…once they are gone it puts us on the front line…our prayers and sympathy are with this family or have lost a dad and a grandpa.


Life Friday, Jan 28 2005 

We spent the weekend of January 15th in Calgary…stayed with Matt and Jesika…my niece Christa was married in Canmore on the Saturday…beautiful wedding…we had a great time with friends and relatives…my sister, Joanne, Dwight and Tenaya came from Langley…my brother Ron and Eleanor came from Stanwood, Washington…great time was had by all…weather was really cold…driving to Calgary it was -30s with additional wind chill…the trip was awesome as the sun was shining, sky was clear and the sparkle of the snow and the snowdrifts was beautiful…can’t get that kind of picture in the Tropics…we came home the following Tuesday through fog and then road covered with ice…Jerry was sick and ended up sick for about a week…terrible flu.

I had the privilege of marrying a wonderful young couple on January 22nd…beautiful wedding…the groom’s family had travelled from Nova Scotia…it was great to meet them and let them know how much we had enjoyed travelling their province this past Fall. I also had the privilege to meet with this couple on a number of occasions prior to their wedding and just talk about marriage and what it takes to make it work. Jerry and I have been married 35 years and we are still making it work. I heard this comment a few weeks ago and it has been going around in my mind “Every day you choose who you will become”.

I went to a funeral today for the dad of a good friend of ours. He was 82 and had been shovelling snow and complained a bit about his shoulder hurting…Sunday morning he collapsed and died of a heart attack…just like that ushered into eternity. His daughter gave a tribute to him today and it was so awesome…he enjoyed life right up to the last minute…he will be missed but his legacy will live on in his daughter.

It was my turn to do the devotional for the staff prayer time today and I read Romans 8…what an amazing experience to take time and to read out loud the truths that are part of that portion of Scripture. If you want to be encouraged, take some time out of your busy life and read Romans 8…you will be glad you did.

We had a wonderful experience to day at Old Navy. Tamara sent us an email with a list of clothing she wanted us to purchase for her which she had looked at on the internet. Now as many of you know, shopping is not the most favorite thing Jerry and I like to do…but for Tamara we would do it. We walked into the store and, of course, we don’t have a clue where to begin looking for the clothing Tamara wants. We connected with an employee at Old Navy who was just amazing. She not only found ALL the articles we needed, but to make sure they were the right ones, she went on to the internet to make sure the ones she picked were the ones Tamara had noted she wanted. In the process we started talking and she mentioned that I looked familiar…to make a long story short, when I told her that I was part of Lakeview Church she asked if I knew her Uncle Ernest Friesen…well, of course, I knew him…and then she asked whether I ever blogged, and I said yes…and it ends up she is Randall Friesen’s sister…what a small world! She made our day today! She was wonderful!

I am still in the process of reading a few different books…all good and all thought provoking. Had a coffee with Darren Friesen yesterday and that is always a good time…he is an amazing young man and I always enjoy our conversations.

Our weekend with Matt and Jesika was wonderful. If I must say so myself, they are wonderful kids. They were so hospitable with everyone in their home. Matt cooked an amazing hot, spicy India meal for us…baked fresh bread for us every day…gave up their bed so mom and dad could get a good sleep…it was so much fun. They are great kids to hang out with!

We get to hang out with Tamara in about 4 weeks when we will be connecting in New Zealand. Should be fun there too…hopefully the weather will be much warmer than here.

Get to meet with my good friend Kelly tomorrow afternoon. I have missed her as we haven’t been able to meet for a few weeks. I can hardly wait. She is amazing and I am looking forward to some animated conversation tomorrow.

Blogging Wednesday, Jan 12 2005 

I have had a number of people ask me why I am not blogging. I am not sure, but often I feel what I have to say is not necessarily of any value to anyone. Having said that, I have been encouraged to keep it up…just maybe something will be said that will be of some kind of profound nature. I find blogging very limiting as there is not a lot of response from a keyboard and I communicate best when talking to someone and they are responding and interacting with what I am saying…as you can tell I am an extrovert…and I believe the best blogging is done by introverts!!!

One of the books I have been reading is “Generous Orthodoxy”by Brian McLaren and for the most part it has been good…some chapters were boring…but there also are some chapters which are excellent. Some of what he writes is quite thought provoking and I like that…now I just need Jordon to drop over and we can “loudly” discuss those ideas on which we don’t agree…and maybe he will change his mind and be persuaded by my lofty arguments!!! I enjoy books that offer new perspectives on theology or on life in general and make us take a good look on what we believe is truth. My dad used to always say to listen to those who have different opinions or views than you do because there is a good possibility that they just might be right!! Good words!

New Zealand Wednesday, Jan 12 2005 

Our tickets are booked and we will be heading to Auckland, NZ, on February 24th. Our first leg of the trip will be to Vancouver and on February 25th we head out for NZ. We will be gone for 4 weeks which will be spent with our daughter Tamara and friends…we return to Vancouver on March 24th and will spend Easter with my sister’s family in Langley…connect with my brother’s family at the same time…and hopefully connect with Dan and Kathy Adam for a few days on the Island…all total we will be gone 5 weeks. Travelling is not something that comes easy for me so I am already starting to make sure this trip will be enjoyed and be another learning experience in my life. However, I can’t wait to spend time with Tamara…it seems like a long time ago since we saw her and that will be worth it all…will also connect with Cam and Tracy…friends of Matt’s…and a couple of Jesika’s friends as well…so all in all I am sure it will be exciting!

Rod and Christa’s Wedding Wednesday, Jan 12 2005 

My niece Christa is marrying Rod on Saturday in Canmore, Alberta. It will be a family affair with alot of family there. It is going to be a great time…Matt is even going to wear a suit…David and Jocelyn will be there from San Francisco…the weather is supposed to be brutal like -30C…that will be fun for all our warm climate relatives…I think I will be bringing lots of warm blankets along for everyone…we will be staying at Matt and Jesika’s which will be fun…it will be the first time for them to have all the relatives over…hope they are ready for the whole gang!

Happy New Year Saturday, Jan 1 2005 

Happy New Year! Another year behind us and another before us. We look back with thanksgiving and forward with anticipation. May God’s richest blessings be yours in 2005.