Mother’s Day has never been my favorite day of the year, but this year it was so nice to receive phone calls from both of my kids, Tamara from Taiwan, and Matt from Prince George, BC. They really are awesome kids and I miss them so much. It would be so nice to have our kids close by so we could just drop over for a cup of coffee or whatever….Tamara is doing well at her new teaching job where she is also doing some supervising of new teachers…Matt and Jesika are back on the treeplanting summer stretch. Kelly and Brooke and Molly were here on Mother’s Day as well…so I was well looked after this year. Jerry even offered to get me a Fuddrucker’s cinnamon bun for breakfast…but I declined as it is getting harder and harder to get my jeans done up!!!!

I am not in a happy mood these days…I just feel grumpy and I think it is because of the cold weather…it was -6 last night…can you believe that….I forgot to take in a couple of my pots of plants and they were hanging over the side of the pots this morning…this makes me very grumpy….well that is life living in Saskatchewan….