112472653412079618 Monday, Aug 22 2005 

I have posted a post from jordoncooper.com. To this point I have not talked about this very special family in our lives. Jordon, Wendy and Mark have become part of our family over the past years and they have been going through a very difficult time with Jordon being diagnosed with Sugar Diabetes together with a whole lot of complications.

This conversation Jordon had with Mark reminds me of a similar conversation I had with my mom when I was 10. All of you who read my blog, I would ask you to pray for a physical healing for Jordon. These past few months have been very difficult for them, but they have continued to stand firm in their faith and continue to keep walking “with their heads high and their faces to the wind”…not an easy stance to keep taking. We don’t understand all that comes into our lives, but we do continue to trust God to give strength and courage to keep going at times like these.

This Week – written by Jordon Cooper
What a lousy week. I think this morning and afternoon were rock bottom. Today at church Mark mentioned to some friends that he was just “Praying that Dad would live until he was an adult.” This afternoon Mark and I had a long conversation about me dying and being sick. As a five year old, it isn’t something that you bring up in casual conversation but he brought up, “You look hurt lots”, “You go to the hospital a lot”, “You take pills all the time”, “We are always at the doctors”, “You fall over once in a while”, “Mom cries a lot”, and “Your mom died when you and Uncle Lee were kids”. By this time he was crying. He had in his mind connected the dots.

We had a long talk about my plans to watch him grow old and I wasn’t sick like my mom (cancer… and they have looked a lot for any signs of it) and a five year old friendly version of what was wrong with me as well as explained the pills. He generally is not an emotional kid but if I thought my dad was dying at five, I would have been upset. We also talked about death, funerals, and if Mom was going to die too (not that we know of but).

It was a long bad week of bad medical news piled on more bad news. In the end it was good to be at church today (worship was excellent) and to spend some time with Mark this afternoon having a father and son talk. Next week I head back to work part time and ease myself back slowly. Getting back to work for me is a big step forward for me. When Wendy came home with disability insurance forms, I tossed them in the garbage. When the doctor suggested it, I said that I wasn’t interested unless he wasn’t telling me about something worse. I need being back at work just for the routine and the money 🙂


Still Alive….. Friday, Aug 19 2005 

It has been awhile since I have posted. Life is crazy sometimes and this seems to be my time of year for it. We just finished hosting the Leadership Summit Simulcast which ran for 3 days. I was Volunteer Central Coordinator. I had great help from Cathy Johnson, Kelly Procyshyn and Marlene Schensted…it was the 5:00 am mornings that did me in. I then did a funeral on Saturday and we just finished our 3 day Staff Retreat at Arlington Beach Camp. All events went well, but my old body was getting a little tired and I ended up with one of my migraine headaches…which meant I was not in the greatest attitude going to staff retreat. It turned out to be the best staff retreat we have ever had. Lots of communication happened and everyone participated…there was also great food and an awesome thunderstorm the last night we were there.

Matt and Jesika have returned from treeplanting. Jerry and Daniel, Jesika’s dad, headed out to Calgary today (Daniel flew in from Victoria yesterday) to connect with Matt and Jesika and they are on their way to do a 5-day hike in the Rockies. Jerry is so excited he is just like a little kid. I told him to remember that he is not 25 years old and if he can’t keep up the pace, tell the young ones to slow down. I hope they have great weather and great fun.

Greg and Heather and Kieran will be coming here tomorrow on their way to Waskesiu for a few days. It will be so much fun to see them. It has been a while and it is always good to see family. It will be fun to see Kieran as he is really talking now. Apparently he recognized Matt and Jesika when they came.

Tamara is back in Kaihsoung after travelling Prague, Vienna and Budapest. She had a marvelous time and is settling back into the routine of work again. She took some marvelous pictures and it has been fun looking at them.

I am doing a wedding this weekend…my good friend Kelly’s daughter Sarah is getting married and I have the privilege of doing the wedding for them. It is going to be fun. They are great kids and I know will do well in their marriage. It will be a fun weekend.

Then I think I will have a few days off to myself. I need a few days to get my head back into the right place and give my old body a rest. I will need to cut the grass while Jerry is away, so that should be interesting for me. Don’t bother to check out our lawn in the next week as I am not nearly as particular as Jerry is with the grass. There should be some interesting patterns by the time I am finished.

Weddings… Tuesday, Aug 2 2005 

I have had the privilege of doing weddings this past while and the best part of this is being able to meet with the couples prior to their marriage to go through marriage preparation sessions. We are each so different and come from such different backgrounds that it is amazing to see the differences as couples sit down and talk about their perspective on different aspects of marriage. The wedding I did this weekend was wonderful…two young people wanting to build a marriage that is strong and durable. What a joy to be part of their lives as they begin the adventure of marriage! I meet with another couple tonight as they prepare for their wedding on August 20th. It is wonderful to see our earnest and sincere these young people are in wanting to see their marriages built on a firm foundation to last for a lifetime. What an encouragement!

A Minister… Tuesday, Aug 2 2005 

Last Sunday I was commissioned as an official minister with the Free Methodist Church of Canada. Mixed feelings and thoughts come with that designation. Alot of time and effort was spent on study, papers, interviews and the like that has to be completed in order to become a minister. The most important aspect of it all has been the discipline of the learning I have been required to do. There is no doubt that this learning has changed me and moved me into a whole new place in my spiritual journey. Studying Wesleyan theology probably was the most significant learning aspect of this journey. His practical theology is so right and is so relevant for today. It was a wonderful afternoon with so many great friends who in many ways represent our family. My sister Doris and her husband Lorne were able to be there…so that was wonderful. All of our children, Tamara, Matt and Jesika, were either up in the northern bushes of Alberta or in Prague, CZ…kind of difficult for them to just drop in for the afternoon. It was great to have Jerry participate in the service…there is no doubt that without his encouragement and support this whole learning part of my life would not have been accomplished. He picked up a lot of the pieces as I was labouring overing writing papers (which I had not done for quite some time) to getting all my reading done and preparation for my interviews. Thanks Jerry, you are the best!

Pictures on side of blog… Tuesday, Aug 2 2005 

Thanks to my good friend Jordon Cooper for the addition of the pictures on the side of my blog. Jordon was kind enough to take our pictures and upload them on Flickr…I still need to go in and title the pictures and tag them. Jordon knew that if he waited for me to upload the pictures it would probably never get done. It is a great way to share our travels. Jerry is the photographer and is becoming quite good at knowing the shots to take and what will look great. I enjoy the results of his expertise! Hope you enjoy our travels!