Canmore holiday Sunday, Sep 18 2005 

I couldn’t get this to post on Sunday so I am trying again…hopefully it will work.

We left Tuesday afternoon and headed for Calgary and arrived at Matt and Jesika’s by 7:00 pm, picked them up and we went out for pizza. It was so awesome to finally connect with my kids again. I had not seen Matt and Jesika since the middle of January and to say I had missed them didn’t even come close to how I felt. It was so good to hug them both and to talk to them face to face. We spent the evening and morning with them and then headed out to Canmore where we are staying at a beautiful home for about 2 weeks. This couple are traveling Africa and offered their home to us while they were gone. It is absolutely amazing and awesome! There are some of my highlights to date:

Sleeping to 9:00 am every morning
Coffee brought to me in the morning by my wonderful husband who has been up for a long time, but loves mornings…
Reading…reading….reading….I have completed the 3rd Harry Potter books…what a great read…I am really enjoying them…completed half a book called Ishmael by Daniel Quinn…a great read recommended by Matt and a follow up book called “The Story of B” great reading and comes with some great provocative thoughts about our culture…read 3 Time magazines cover to cover…National Geographic on Caffeine…great read now I don’t feel guilty about my morning coffee…Calgary Herald from beginning to end…Jerry reading as well…finished a book by Don Miller and now reading a book on the Nahanni River expedition given to him by Roch Schock
Slow walks as Jerry is still recovering from the gout…
Matt here with his two puppies…Griffen and Neiko…wonderful walks with the puppies
Drive to Radium Hot Springs for a great car show of about 800 cars…setting on the driving range of the golf course…beautiful mountains all around…sun shining…couldn’t have been better
Stopping for a dog break at the Kootenay River and watched the dogs playing with each other and in the water
Great meals at home…steak, greek salad, baked garlic and brie cheese, rolo ice cream
Long walk today with Matt Jesika, Jerry, Gloria, Griffen and Neiko…beautiful morning…smells of Fall…free dog area-watching the dogs running and playing together…Griffen and Neiko swimming in the river and just loving it
Lunch out at the Grizzle Paw…sitting outside with wasps flying around us…great soda drinks and great beer for Matt
Spending a couple of hours in a used book store…picking up books recommended by Matt and showing Jesika the book ” The Total Woman” from back in the sixties and laughing our heads off at the stuff in it…then reading it to Matt with disbelief on his face that books like that were actually recommended!!!!!
Browsing in a Consignment Shop for sports goods…wondering if Mark was going to do hockey as there was some used hockey equipment there for him…Matt and Jesika looking at all the stuff they would like but don’t need…quote from Jesika
Relaxing in this beautiful home…
Sitting and reading in the front room sitting on a couch with the fireplace going and looking up from my book and seeing the mountains out the front window
Totally being thankful for this wonderful place for Jerry and I to recharge our batteries and enjoy the beauty of nature, each other and time…
We are here for another week and I am looking forward to more reading…some Eugene Peterson, Psalms, and other books recommended by our kids…
As Matt said the other day…I wish I could live forever as I just love living…what a great way to look at life…we so often are not happy with where we are or what we are doing…but we just need to embrace each day and live it to the fullest whether it be reading a good book, enjoying Rolo ice cream, walking the dogs, enjoying the mountains, enjoying old cars having been refurbished, a great hotdog eaten outside, two dogs who are wonderful and can be enjoyed so much…just plain living…
Thank you Lord for life and for enjoying it together with us…embracing your creation and your created and what your creations have created…thank you so much


I’m still around…. Wednesday, Sep 7 2005 

Life has been roaring by at a record speed…hopefully in the next couple of days I can write a little update on what has been happening in the Reimer household. Lots of stuff going on…but overall we are both still alive, mostly, and hope to be around for a while longer!!

I’ Wednesday, Sep 7 2005