Hawaii Sunday, Oct 30 2005 

We have had a great weekend in Langley, BC. It was a beautiful day yesterday being Saturday, but today it rained all day and is to continue to rain for the rest of the week. We had fun just hanging out and doing coffee and a little shopping. We went to see the Hospital Lottery house today, a 9,000 square foot mansion right on the ocean. It was absolutely unbelieveable…I have never been in a house that large before and the most uncomfortable thought was that if I had such a huge kitchen I would have no option but to cook…that in itself scared me off of ever wanting such a place. It made me think of all the poverty around us in the world, but in relation to some of the other homes around this area, this home was not necessarily anything out of the ordinary.

We head out for Seattle tomorrow and then fly out early Tuesday morning to Kauai arriving around noon. I will blog once we get there!


Holidays Friday, Oct 28 2005 

Jerry and I are off on holidays…first to Vancouver for a couple of days and then on to Hawaii for 11 days. We are holidaying with Dwight and Joanne which should be a lot of fun. We have a 3 hours stop over in Calgary tomorrow so will get a chance to visit with Matt and Jesika. Looking forward to this time away. I will try and blog while away to let you know that we are alive and kicking…that is let those know who still are patient enough to check this blog.

Thanksgiving Tuesday, Oct 11 2005 

We had an awesome Thanksgiving weekend. The weather was beautiful on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We got our yard all cleaned up and ready for the winter. We had a wonderfully delicious Thanksgiving supper at the Coopers. Everything was amazing including the turkey, dressing (2 kinds), gravy, turnips, yams, broccili and cauliflower casserole, twice baked mashed potatoes, fresh bread, and pumpkin and apple pie for dessert. Needless to say we were absolutely stuffed by the end of the meal.

Always great conversation at the Coopers, especially if you don’t agree with Jordon…he isn’t right on everything and somebody has to keep him humble…great fun and lots of laughs! Great evening had by all!

Tamara called this morning and she is back from Japan. She had an amazing trip and thoroughly enjoyed her time there and especially with the people who were so friendly and inclusive. Who knows? That may be her next place of abode!

Excited… Saturday, Oct 8 2005 

This has been a great weekend so far…the weather is beautiful and Jerry and I are pretty much finished with the Fall yard work. We cleaned out all our pots and pulled all the annuals from the flowerbeds and now it is into making sure everything is watered well before the snow sets in. I am always sad when it comes to cleaning up all the flowers I planted in the spring, but with the weather being so fine, it was awesome being outside, and Jerry and I both had Friday, Saturday and Sunday off.

I had kind of forgot about Thanksgiving weekend, but Wendy called the other evening and invited us and Kristy for Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday.We are so looking forward to that. It’s like going to our “grown up” kids for Thanksgiving dinner.

This was a very busy week which ended up including a terrible migraine headache on Thursday, but I did get that out of the way by dealing with it the way I should, and that is taking drugs and staying in bed until the worst of it passes. Sure messes up my week though…I kept thinking today was Friday as apparently I missed Thursday almost entirely.

My sister Joanne is coming out on Wednesday…Dwight is coming too…Dwight is coming for a conference and Joanne is coming out to visit…I guess Dwight will have some time to visit too…anyway, we will be heading up to Prince Albert on Friday to spend some time with my Doris and Lorne. I hope the weather is nice and not too cold or snowing…that would be absolutely awful! I am looking forward to this week…it should be fun…we always laugh lots when we all get together…our kids say our humour gets downright awful…but it sure is funny!

Tamara is in Nagasaki,(not sure I spelt that right) Japan…she had a 4 day weekend so headed over there with a friend…she was going to phone when she arrived, but we haven’t heard from her…hopefully all is fine. She is going to be home for Christmas…that is going to be wonderful.

Matt played his first game of hockey in 6 years and he said it was great fun. He told his dad that his head knew what to do but the body didn’t react the way it should…Jerry said “welcome” to the world of “getting older”…I think at 25 Matt is still in the realm of being “young”…his dad is just jealous!

23 Post 5th Sentence Sunday, Oct 2 2005 

I have been asked by Sherri to tag the 5th sentence in my 23rd blog entry and here it is:

“I am not sure what we will do, but we always have a fun time with our kids.”

This blog was a Christmas gift from Jordon and Jeb in December 2003. I have never reviewed my entries, but it would be a great exercise to do that.

We just spent an awesome weekend in Waskesiu on the annual Fall Lakeview Retreat. It was the best weekend ever even though it rained or rather poured all day Saturday. Darrell Johnson, a professor from Regent College, was our guest speaker, and he was absolutely amazing. What a great gift of teaching presented with such passion and clarity.

We stayed at the Lost Creek Resort with Giles and Kelly Procyshyn and Kim Getson. WE had a great time together and the place was awesome.

Our 10 days in Canmore were fantastic and came to an end too quickly. It was good to get home again…and the best part was spending time with Matt and Jesika. What great kids they are! We just appreciate and love them so much! We love spending time with them. They are so easy to be around and I hope the same goes for them.

Talked to Tamara this week and she is really busy, but looking forward to being here for Christmas.

Looks like winter is around the corner…we meandered our way back from the lake…Jerry always has the exploring bug, so Giles and Kelly were treated to his kind of travelling…new roads…new adventures…new sites…roads that have a dead end…new scenery…always going in the general right direction…I gave up years ago to try and change this travelling behaviour and have learned to just sit back and enjoy the ride…it always proves to be eventful and educational…never a dull moment travelling with Jerry…we saw all kinds of birds including snow geese, bald eagle, hawks, juncos, meadowlarks, pigeons, magpies, gray jays, robins, plus others I can’t remember…white tailed deer, mule deer…lots of rocks (but we didn’t pick any up)…an old abandoned church…lots of abandoned farmsyards…lots of old vehicles including cars and trucks…old cemeteries…followed the meandering river…checked out the ferries at Hague and Clarkboro…found a little village buried in the prairie with a speed zone of 50 kph through it…it was great!!