So what is happening in my life these days! First of all, I don’t like the gray days and we have not seen much of the sun lately, which does not bode well for me. The more gray days there are in a row, the more grayer I become, and it doesn’t feel that great either.

I am wondering these days why I am such a slow learner!! I seem to have to learn the same lesson over and over again. Why do these same old monsters keep rearing their ugly heads into my conscious life when I think they have been conquered! Am I just weak? I guess the truth of the matter is that I am weak and these uglies cannot be conquered on my own.

I am still pondering the whole love theme and have been reading a book entitled “The Jesus Creed” by Scott McKnight. He brings clarity to what the culture was like when Jesus lived and how Jesus radically changed the “law” of the Torah, which kept the Jewish people away from those who were not like them, by actually accepting and loving the misfits and the going into their homes and eating with them and rubbing shoulders with the “scrum and the sinners”. Many of the people Jesus associated with were not church people, but were the “rejects” and wouldn’t have been found in a church. So how do I love my neighbour? or, come to think of it, maybe I am one of the rejects!!!! That probably wouldn’t be such a bad place to be!!!

So another election! I am tired of the rhetoric already! Between all the Christmas rushing and election propaganda, I think I will lock myself into my house for the next 3 weeks and remove myself from the outside world. That’s what I am doing on Friday and Saturday…Jerry and I are going to do Christmas decorating and hopefully set up a Christmas tree. That is always interesting and usually includes some very animated conversations!!

The most encouraging part of my life these days is our new Women’s Collective, FIG (Female Image of God) which had it’s first informational evening at Lakeview on November 20th. Earlier this year, Nancy Yee and Cathy Johnson and me, began to meet as we were sensing a movement to put together a Women’s Collective at Lakeview. Every Wednesday afternoon Nancy, Cathy and I meet to discuss, pray, dream, plan, and just have a place where we can be real and authentic…know that we are loved and accepted by each other…a place that love flows even as we work through different issues. Our Team of 12 women meet every Thursday evening to do the same and this has been an amazing experience for all of us.

Nancy, Cathy and I worked through an Advent Liturgy this afternoon and it was just so amazing. I love the written word and Nancy had been able to find some wonderful liturgy that so moves us toward God at this Advent Season. We are having our first Sacred Gathering as a Collective on Sunday evening, so we will be experiencing this liturgy together as a group of women. I can hardly wait…it is going to be amazing. Just reading through the liturgy was so moving already. God is good!

Well, these are some of my thoughts. I have so many more but with the 5 to 10 trains of thought that go through my head…it is hard to simply write about one.