My Christmas decorating is done! Yeh!! Decorating is like torture in this house and to finally have it completed is amazing. We even put up a tree and it looks lovely with all the lights on in the evening. Daylight…well it doesn’t look too bad, but I lirk the green part, or I guess the branches, showing and not all covered with decorations. It’s done!!

Life is always interesting! We our Sacred Gathering with our Women’s Collective on Sunday evening and I truly experienced a wonderful evening. Doing the Advent Liturgy together was amazing and the music and prayers were just awesome! We broke off into smaller groups to talk about our experience and it was very interesting to hear what other women had or had not experienced. What a learning time as we talked about how we each experience God differently and for some have never experienced God in any way. I love the honesty or sharing and not being afraid to say the truth of how they were really feeling. It will be interesting as our leadership team debriefs on Thursday night to hear what happened in the other groups.

We talked to Tamara this morning. She is ready to head home for Christmas. It will be so awesome to have her home and just hang out together. I hope the weather isn’t toooooo cold for her and that she will find enough warm clothes to keep her warm.

Christmas is at Matt and Jesika’s this year…I can hardly wait!!