Today is my birthday! I don’t discuss age anymore because I am 35 for the rest of my life! I woke up with a bad cold, so after drinking down some NiQuill I felt much better. My awesome cousin Sharon phoned me at 9:30 am to sing Happy Birthday to me! We grew up together and are 6 months apart in age. We have many hilarious experiences that we shared over the years…we always have a great connection when we talk to each other. Both Matt and Tamara phoned this morning…it was so great to hear their voices! I can hardly wait until Christmas when we will be together as a family. I had an awesome lunch at McNally’s with Kelly, Krista, Alyson and Ella. I enjoyed my time with Ella…it felt so good being a “grandma”! Then time to browse through the books…came home with some new books and also received a book from Alyson and Ella for my birthday. Jerry got me “some of my favorite things” and a great card that made me laugh so hard! He said he found it at Sobey’s! We are spending the evening at home with Kristy…Jerry is busy making supper and Kristy should be home soon. She is picking up a movie for us to watch tonight! Joanne just phoned to wish me happy birthday! We will be seeing them over New Years when Tamara is home! It’s been a great year…hopefully more to come!