Tamara is home! She arrived today at 4:30 pm from Vancouver. I was already crying when the plane was landing…and when she finally came through the doors, her first words were….Oh Mom, stop it…but I hugged her and said I had started crying when the plane landed. You never stop being a mom and your kids are always your kids. Jerry and I were laughing because after being home for 4 hours Jerry said “Well, things haven’t changed much, have they?” There was stuff all over the place…Jerry had taken Tamara to the mall to do some shopping…the phone kept ringing to see if she had arrived…and we are so happy to have her home. She looks great and is now sleeping under her new electric blanket given as an early Christmas gift! I didn’t think she would be able to handle the cold weather…however the weather has been good to her so far. Tomorrow is a busy day and in the evening some of her friends will drop over to say “hi”…it will be good!

We celebrated Christmas with the Coopers and Kristy on Monday evening. The Coopers have been part of our Christmas for quite a few years and this year we are heading to Calgary over the Christmas holidays. We ate lots…laughed…visited…exchanged gifts…and Jordon finally got his finished gift from last Christmas…which made for some laughs…it was a great time. Jerry and I both received great books which we can read over the Christmas break. Should make for some good conversations over the Christmas holidays.