113877269207605706 Tuesday, Jan 31 2006 

It’s my brother’s birthday today and it was so fun to talk to him tonight and hear how he is taking on new projects and keeping that “old” brain of his chugging away. What an inspiration! To keep learning and trying new things is such a vital part of keeping our brain cells working at top speed. I’ll have to follow his example and start some new projects of my own. Happy Birthday Ron! Continue being that example of not being afraid to pioneer new endeavours.


113825466674121330 Wednesday, Jan 25 2006 

We have been doing tours in our new facility which is on the road to completion. There is no doubt that this building is built for functionality and for space. It is open and simple in design and at present is under budget in its construction. The full sized gym and open space for our Children’s Ministry is very exciting. With our M.O.M.S. ministry into full swing…we have probably close to 25 babies that need to be cared for each Tuesday morning for 2 hours; needless to say, our present facility falls far short from having the capacity to accommodate that many babies…when I see the space in our new facility for these kinds of situations we are now experiencing…it does make me excited for the future.

113816684943740374 Tuesday, Jan 24 2006 

Election Night has always been a night reserved for sitting in front of the television until the last leader has made their speech! At 1:00 am this morning I switched off the TV and retired for the night. I was not really surprised with the results, but actually am somewhat hopeful with the results. It was certainly time for a change and I want to give Stephen Harper and his minority number of conservative seats a chance to make a difference. I am hoping consensus and cooperation will part of the parliamentary strategy for governing this country. I remember some of the minority governments in Manitoba were also some of the best years of governing in that Province. I am hoping this federal government will focus on the economy, health care, honesty and accountability for government and not on some of the side issues that could be very divisive. It will be interesting to watch the contest/battle for leader of the Liberal Party…I wonder if we will have a female leader!!! Wouldn’t that be something!!! Maybe Peter MacKay will jump ship and run for the Liberal leadership!!! You never know!!!

113798407017610024 Sunday, Jan 22 2006 

Remember to vote! You can’t complain about any political decision if you do not exercise your right to vote!