114118377079733906 Tuesday, Feb 28 2006 

Life brings many changes. Matt and Jesika headed home on Sunday after a great week away from classes. It sure is quiet around here. It was a wonderful time and much was experienced and expressed!

My friend Mavis Braun moved into eternity this Sunday afternoon. Her brain tumor progressed very quickly and she quietly quit breathing on Sunday. Her service is on Friday and I have the privilege of speaking. Mavis completed 42 years here. Her life was one of simplicity and authenticity. She was who she was and she has left an amazing legacy. Over the last 20 years she has invested her life into the lives of children…children who needed a place away from home while moms and dads were working. Her faith encompassed every area of her life and in showed in everything she did. She will be sorely missed by many. Thanks Mavis for showing us how to live life well. Your greatest adventure has just begun…eternity!


114084617309075077 Friday, Feb 24 2006 

Matt has been home since Saturday and Jesika arrived yesterday. It is absolutely amazing having the kids at home. We have had much laughing, many visitors, eating lots, and just enjoying “hanging out” together. It is so fun having adult kids!

113961277226177927 Friday, Feb 10 2006 

I have had some hectic weeks, but today was free and I watched the opening of the 20th Olympic Games, made some phone calls, saw Todd Reimer, and did some reading. I have been learning lots about myself these days and how to live in this world of relationships and community! I also have some amazing friends who walk along with me and encourage me to keep learning and to keep asking the hard questions. They also encourage me to continue to ask them the hard questions and that kind of trust is not found in too many friendships…I am truly blessed!

113895396820014154 Friday, Feb 3 2006 

Tamara is holidaying in India…here is a short email from her

hey all just a quick note from Pondicherry India…we have had a great week and our time is almost up. We have travelled down from Madras or Chennia to Mamallapuram where we stayed at a nice quiet beach resort and rode bikes into town and shopped and shopped!!! then took the local bus which cost us a whole dollar to pondy known for its ashrams and “the mother” who founded this little community outside the city!!! great food and haven’t been sick yet so hopefully it will stay that way!! well food is here just wanted to say hi and hope everyone the best!

love tamara

113895379305671895 Friday, Feb 3 2006 

You would think that at my age I would have learned the lesson that the best thing to do is…Keep your big mouth shut and just smile!!! Obviously I am a slow learner!