114369584911714914 Wednesday, Mar 29 2006 

Lakeview’s Society Meeting tonight called for membership to vote to increase our debt percentage to 25% in order for our new sanctuary to be completed in our new building by the middle of this summer…the membership present at the meeting voted 100% to increase our debt load and get our new sanctuary completed.


114360735839280603 Tuesday, Mar 28 2006 

I had a great start to my day this morning. Our MOMS Ministry were celebrating their final Spring gathering and celebrated with a chocolate fondue…it is amazing to be eating chocolate covered fruit at 10:00 am along with a great cup of coffee. It gave me enough energy for the day.

Had a great coffee with my friend Jackie Reimche…actually I had a Fruit Blast Smoothie as it was my lunch…this afternoon. It was so good to “pick” her brain on different thoughts I am having these days. She is a mighty smart gal and I always get food for thought from our conversations.

I watched a bit of American Idol tonight with Kristy and I can’t believe how old the contestants seem…maybe they just seem old…they didn’t sing very well either…what’s with that…you would think that with all the people in the USofA that they could come up with something better than what they got!!! Just my opinion!!!

114350620469556945 Monday, Mar 27 2006 

Some last thoughts for the day…

I love great conversations…and I had some great conversations this weekend and this morning with my kids…they are both so different…their experiences and how they think is so different, but both are amazing and profound…Tamara looking ahead to the future and figuring things out. She is coming home for a while over the summer so hopefully we can do a family thing together towards the middle or end of August…then maybe to Japan to teach for a year…Matt and Jesika doing different jobs this summer..maybe some travelling next year…who knows…we never know with our kids…makes life exciting. I love to hear what they are learning and what they think…makes me rethink lots in my life as well.

In meeting and talking with people I don’t really like the superficial…I like to know where they are at in their life…how they are changing…what they are learning…where do they see God in their life…or do they see God in their life…been thinking about “trust”…who do I trust and who don’t I trust and why…do people trust me…what is trust…this was our topic at our Women’s Collective last night…some great information…good insight…good questions…food for thought!

114350514774215734 Monday, Mar 27 2006 

It is a sunny Monday and a day that was anticipated as being full with people and conversations ended up being relaxing with lots of time to read and contemplate about what I was reading. Lakeview receives the Prairie Messenger – Catholic Journal which has some very good thought provoking articles…I really enjoy this publication and Cathy Johnson and I are the only ones interested in reading…I wonder why!!! Anyways, here are some of the articles I read this afternoon and found to be very interesting…

1. “People sin out of weakness not malice:Rolheiser. The Theology on Tap series drank in Rev. Ron Rolheiser’s draft on “sin and reconciliation” in the latest session held at a Saskatoon pub March 2nd…The session was interpersed with questions and discussions as well as small group reflections. Aimed at young adults aged 19 to 35, Theology on Tap is sponsored by Ukrainian Catholic Youth and Campus Ministry, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon, and St. Thomas More College Campus Ministry.” What a great way to connect with our younger generation and have great conversations…some great stuff for the older generation as well!!!

2. Theology of Reconciliation…great article on seeing that reconciliation is first and foremost the work of God…we cooperate with God but must never forget that it is God who is at work…it also talks about allowing victims to tell their stories and sometimes through the retelling of their stories victims can put their suffering behiind them and then begin over again…also talks about contemplation being part of the healing process…the silence of contemplation is a reminder that God is the one who really brings about reconciliation and that the faithful are simply his ambassadors…good stuff to contemplate!!!!

3. Allow God’s Word to enter the chaos of your life…talking about lectio divina and making it part of your Lent experience. “Ancient treatises on lectio suggest four simple processes for letting the Word in: Lectio (reading); meditatio (meditating); oratio (praying); and contemplatio (contemplating).”

Dear Lord,/be good to me…/The sea is so wide/ and my boat is so small. Irish Fisherman’s Prayer

– Archbishop Desmond Tutu
People ask me why I am so joyful. It comes from those minutes every morning when I sit quietly before God. I need to hear the voice of God. I love to luxuriate in the presence of our great Lover. I love the silence of love, the stillness of adoration, the sort of stillness that is so eloquent when it happens between two who are in love.

Just a sample of some of my reading this afternoon…I also read our Endless Vacation magazine…not sure where I would like to experience next…we are heading out to Quebec City for the first two weeks of May…can hardly wait to taste a little “Paris” in Canada…great cathedrals…great food…different culture…should be amazing!!!

114324398256566357 Friday, Mar 24 2006 

Life just isn’t fair! As I see how people are totally devastated by decisions of people around them and how they suffer because of those decision, I get angry. Matt made a statement a couple of years ago that the only thing that can destroy a marriage is selfishness. I have pondered that statement and, you know, I think he is right. When we live for only ourself, we become totally self centered and it is all about me and what makes me feel good and the rest of the world can go to……I see so many broken homes and marriages because of this self centeredness. But isn’t this what we hear everywhere…I am leaving this church because it is not meeting MY needs; this marriage isn’t meeting my needs so I am out of here. This world propogates that I am the most important person and it is all about me. How do we counter this? Do we really believe that we are the ultimate? In reading the book “A Short History of Nearly Everything” by Bill Bryson, I came to the realization that we as humanity really don’t know very much. With all the discoveries humanity has made the realization comes that there is just so much more out there that we don’t know. This book again brought me to thinking about God and Who is God? and Who am I? These are always great questions to come back to. Well, enough rambling for today…just my thoughts…not very coherent today…I need to eat….

114317179421367317 Thursday, Mar 23 2006 

Thursday so far has been a good day. Met with some amazing people today, Mike Gingerich, Brad Hamm, Donna Nakrayko and then the FIG Leadership Team tonight. Had mashed potatoes and gravy for supper, my favorite, so this day is good. Jerry called last night and he arrived late but safe into Cornwall…had a very interesting travel day but eventually did arrive at his destination.

114315790755990967 Thursday, Mar 23 2006 

Wednesday was a busy day like usual. Had a great conversation with my friend Nancy Yee in the morning. Great to have a meeting over the phone…I don’t have to get dressed and can relax in my pyjamas while I talk. She is an amazing friend and in many ways we bring clarity into each other’s lives.

Life isn’t necessarily easy but it still is good. This past week has been a huge learning week…learning about myself…learning about how others see me…being aware that the values I live my life by are not necessarily known by people around me and perhaps I need to clarify these values on a more consistent basis. The more I reflect the more I realize how my personal values line up so much with how my father lived his life. I also am beginning to understand that he did not see himself as others around him saw him…including me. In ourselves we always see how inadequate we are and how much we miss the mark; others do not see the confusion within and the questions we ask ourselves within ourselves; they only see this outside composed person who they perceive has it all together and is not willing to learn anymore or change their opinion on something. I need to learn how to change the way I respond and say things to others so that they can see my openess to other perspectives and opinions. The person I get the most frustrated with is myself; for not getting it or not understanding what someone else is saying. Often the people I am conversing with think that frustration is directed at them, which is not necessarily true…I am frustrated with myself for my limited understanding of what is being expressed and that it is not making sense in my brain.

Well, enough rambling for today….

114299228717492306 Tuesday, Mar 21 2006 

I talked to Jerry this morning and he said the memorial service for Jim McIntosh had been very good and that he had seen a lot of the guys he had gone to school with. He talked to JoAnn, Jim’s wife, and invited her to Saskatoon, which would be awesome.

I spoke today at our MOMS group on “New Beginnings A Journey with Christ”. I think it went well…I just spoke my heart and my own experience with Christ.

I had a long conversation with two good friends last night which really challenged me in a couple of different ways. I am pondering many of the things that were presented and talked about and trying to work them out and coming to some kind of conclusion. Just when I think I have something figured out and it makes sense to me, I have to come back to the same spot and work through it again, but only from a different perspective. Sometimes I just want to stay home and not see, hear, talk or relate to anybody…just be my own best friend because at least I know what my perspective is and I don’t have to worry about what other people are perceiving or thinking!!! I think it is called being an “escapist”!!!

114292719696220089 Tuesday, Mar 21 2006 

I spent the day today with my sister Doris. We got up and had a good cup of coffee. We then got ready and headed out the door to have another coffee at Tim Hortons before we headed out to the City Hospital where Doris was having a MRI of her back. We were there for a little over 2 hours…mostly waiting…there was absolutely nobody around and it felt like everybody was on holidays…every waiting room was empty…makes me wonder about the 1 to 2 year wait for having a MRI…anyway she finally was done and then we headed out to McNally Robinson for lunch…it was amazing…then browsing through the books and, of course, making at least one purchase. All in all, a great day just hanging out with my sister. Couldn’t ask for anything better to do. It was an awesome day!

114287043820693087 Monday, Mar 20 2006 

Sunday was a lay around day…I didn’t even go out of the house except to head to the bus depot to pick up my sister from Prince Albert. She said the roads from Prince Albert to Saskatoon were the worst she has ever seen them…totally covered with ice and snow…very trencherous…better to stay home…that is why she took the bus. She is having a MRI this morning otherwise she would have stayed off the road as well. I started reading the book “The Historian” by Elizabeth Kostova, a Christmas gift from Daniel, Jesika’s dad. It looks like an amazing book, but not one you read lightly…lots of history…as the title reads.

Been thinking lots about “authentic community” lately. Not sure this can ever really happen in a larger setting in this broken world. Everybody’s reality is their own perception and no two perceptions are alike. Some people like to share their life and problems, while others like to work through them alone or with one or two close friends…so if authentic community only happens when we share our lives completely, I don’t believe that can ever happen in a community of more than two or three people. We sometimes think that authentic community can happen in many different places, but I think we each find our own safe place (if there is such a place) where we share our life and then be okay in other settings where you do not find authentic community. As long as you have one or two places where you are known and accepted, it doesn’t matter if authentic community happens every place you go. Just my thoughts…kind of rambling…but just my thoughts.

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