Sunday was a lay around day…I didn’t even go out of the house except to head to the bus depot to pick up my sister from Prince Albert. She said the roads from Prince Albert to Saskatoon were the worst she has ever seen them…totally covered with ice and snow…very trencherous…better to stay home…that is why she took the bus. She is having a MRI this morning otherwise she would have stayed off the road as well. I started reading the book “The Historian” by Elizabeth Kostova, a Christmas gift from Daniel, Jesika’s dad. It looks like an amazing book, but not one you read lightly…lots of history…as the title reads.

Been thinking lots about “authentic community” lately. Not sure this can ever really happen in a larger setting in this broken world. Everybody’s reality is their own perception and no two perceptions are alike. Some people like to share their life and problems, while others like to work through them alone or with one or two close friends…so if authentic community only happens when we share our lives completely, I don’t believe that can ever happen in a community of more than two or three people. We sometimes think that authentic community can happen in many different places, but I think we each find our own safe place (if there is such a place) where we share our life and then be okay in other settings where you do not find authentic community. As long as you have one or two places where you are known and accepted, it doesn’t matter if authentic community happens every place you go. Just my thoughts…kind of rambling…but just my thoughts.