I talked to Jerry this morning and he said the memorial service for Jim McIntosh had been very good and that he had seen a lot of the guys he had gone to school with. He talked to JoAnn, Jim’s wife, and invited her to Saskatoon, which would be awesome.

I spoke today at our MOMS group on “New Beginnings A Journey with Christ”. I think it went well…I just spoke my heart and my own experience with Christ.

I had a long conversation with two good friends last night which really challenged me in a couple of different ways. I am pondering many of the things that were presented and talked about and trying to work them out and coming to some kind of conclusion. Just when I think I have something figured out and it makes sense to me, I have to come back to the same spot and work through it again, but only from a different perspective. Sometimes I just want to stay home and not see, hear, talk or relate to anybody…just be my own best friend because at least I know what my perspective is and I don’t have to worry about what other people are perceiving or thinking!!! I think it is called being an “escapist”!!!