Wednesday was a busy day like usual. Had a great conversation with my friend Nancy Yee in the morning. Great to have a meeting over the phone…I don’t have to get dressed and can relax in my pyjamas while I talk. She is an amazing friend and in many ways we bring clarity into each other’s lives.

Life isn’t necessarily easy but it still is good. This past week has been a huge learning week…learning about myself…learning about how others see me…being aware that the values I live my life by are not necessarily known by people around me and perhaps I need to clarify these values on a more consistent basis. The more I reflect the more I realize how my personal values line up so much with how my father lived his life. I also am beginning to understand that he did not see himself as others around him saw him…including me. In ourselves we always see how inadequate we are and how much we miss the mark; others do not see the confusion within and the questions we ask ourselves within ourselves; they only see this outside composed person who they perceive has it all together and is not willing to learn anymore or change their opinion on something. I need to learn how to change the way I respond and say things to others so that they can see my openess to other perspectives and opinions. The person I get the most frustrated with is myself; for not getting it or not understanding what someone else is saying. Often the people I am conversing with think that frustration is directed at them, which is not necessarily true…I am frustrated with myself for my limited understanding of what is being expressed and that it is not making sense in my brain.

Well, enough rambling for today….