It is a sunny Monday and a day that was anticipated as being full with people and conversations ended up being relaxing with lots of time to read and contemplate about what I was reading. Lakeview receives the Prairie Messenger – Catholic Journal which has some very good thought provoking articles…I really enjoy this publication and Cathy Johnson and I are the only ones interested in reading…I wonder why!!! Anyways, here are some of the articles I read this afternoon and found to be very interesting…

1. “People sin out of weakness not malice:Rolheiser. The Theology on Tap series drank in Rev. Ron Rolheiser’s draft on “sin and reconciliation” in the latest session held at a Saskatoon pub March 2nd…The session was interpersed with questions and discussions as well as small group reflections. Aimed at young adults aged 19 to 35, Theology on Tap is sponsored by Ukrainian Catholic Youth and Campus Ministry, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon, and St. Thomas More College Campus Ministry.” What a great way to connect with our younger generation and have great conversations…some great stuff for the older generation as well!!!

2. Theology of Reconciliation…great article on seeing that reconciliation is first and foremost the work of God…we cooperate with God but must never forget that it is God who is at work…it also talks about allowing victims to tell their stories and sometimes through the retelling of their stories victims can put their suffering behiind them and then begin over again…also talks about contemplation being part of the healing process…the silence of contemplation is a reminder that God is the one who really brings about reconciliation and that the faithful are simply his ambassadors…good stuff to contemplate!!!!

3. Allow God’s Word to enter the chaos of your life…talking about lectio divina and making it part of your Lent experience. “Ancient treatises on lectio suggest four simple processes for letting the Word in: Lectio (reading); meditatio (meditating); oratio (praying); and contemplatio (contemplating).”

Dear Lord,/be good to me…/The sea is so wide/ and my boat is so small. Irish Fisherman’s Prayer

– Archbishop Desmond Tutu
People ask me why I am so joyful. It comes from those minutes every morning when I sit quietly before God. I need to hear the voice of God. I love to luxuriate in the presence of our great Lover. I love the silence of love, the stillness of adoration, the sort of stillness that is so eloquent when it happens between two who are in love.

Just a sample of some of my reading this afternoon…I also read our Endless Vacation magazine…not sure where I would like to experience next…we are heading out to Quebec City for the first two weeks of May…can hardly wait to taste a little “Paris” in Canada…great cathedrals…great food…different culture…should be amazing!!!