I had a great start to my day this morning. Our MOMS Ministry were celebrating their final Spring gathering and celebrated with a chocolate fondue…it is amazing to be eating chocolate covered fruit at 10:00 am along with a great cup of coffee. It gave me enough energy for the day.

Had a great coffee with my friend Jackie Reimche…actually I had a Fruit Blast Smoothie as it was my lunch…this afternoon. It was so good to “pick” her brain on different thoughts I am having these days. She is a mighty smart gal and I always get food for thought from our conversations.

I watched a bit of American Idol tonight with Kristy and I can’t believe how old the contestants seem…maybe they just seem old…they didn’t sing very well either…what’s with that…you would think that with all the people in the USofA that they could come up with something better than what they got!!! Just my opinion!!!