114637406844561755 Sunday, Apr 30 2006 

Had a couple of great days…Matt was home for Friday so we got to spend time together and celebrate his 26th birthday…had a good talk with Tamara today…got some of our perennials transplanted…and we are off to Quebec City tomorrow morning at 6:00 am. Will try and blog from there…but I am not sure they have computers in Quebec!!!!!


114619715145229016 Thursday, Apr 27 2006 

I haven’t been able to get on blogger for the last few times so kind of gave up for a while. Believe it or not, I do not have a headache right at this moment. I have been aggressive in finding some cure and as of today have an “appliance” to wear at night to stop me from clenching my teeth and had my first massage from my good friend Erin Barbour-Tuck. After my holidays I am scheduled with her for every four days and I have also been connected to a chiropracter as well. My back and neck are not in too good a shape and need some deep muscle work…that hurts already. I am hoping this will work for me.

My dentist actually said my bite is off and I actually should have braces to correct that, but the price of $4000 kinda scared me off and I am going to try this night thing first.

I am looking forward to our holiday to Quebec City. We fly out on Sunday morning at 6:00 AM which means getting up at 4:00 am. I am looking forward to some “soul” rejuvenation…and some great walking. Not sure what books I will take along to read…

Got my hair cut today and Carla did an awesome job like usual. She is amazing! I received lots of compliments on my hair today! Too bad it never looks the same when I do it!!

Matt and Jesika are finished exams and are done! Now come the summer jobs! Treeplanting for Matt and earthworm research for Jesika!

Tamara will be home in 3 months. I am already clearing my schedule for when she is home because Tamara always has lots of plans for us! Should be fun!

114568386502972643 Saturday, Apr 22 2006 

It is Friday night and this was a good day! Started out with a continued huge headache but with lots of drugs and coffee it tamed down to a low roar and the day was quite enjoyable. Had coffee with Kelly and Giles at Tim’s…did a little shopping…buying birthday gifts for Kristy. Had a great afternoon visit with Kelly, Brooke and Molly…saw their new place which is awesome and had some great conversations…all in all a great afternoon.

Celebrated Kristy’s birthday supper with her favorite meal…chicken fingers, spiced roasted potatoes and roasted vegetables (squash, zuchinni, peppers, asparagus, onion)…it was absolutely delicious. Angel Food cake, pudding icing and sliced strawberries with a great cup of tea for dessert. It was a great day!

Thomas Miller and Robyn Pogoda are getting married tomorrow so it will be a wedding celebration for us to attend. Should be fun!

Went to see my doctor today and encouraged me to go to my dentist to have a look at getting a splint or whatever for when I sleep. I have an appointment for next week so we will see how that goes.

Not much going on in my head these days…just trying to survive life with a head that keeps being a pain!

114559843873991971 Friday, Apr 21 2006 

It is Kristy’s birthday tomorrow so we are having her birthday supper and she chooses the menu…should be fun…and tomorrow afternoon I am spending with Brooke and Molly in their new home. I can hardly wait. Beautiful day today! Kristy and I went for a good walk this evening…not a breath of wind and the water was perfectly still and was just like a mirror…beautiful with two ducks swimming right down the middle of the small lake…it was awesome!

Some funny conversations at work today. It is quite funny to hear how people perceive other people! I think we need to laugh more and get over ourselves! Can’t we just relax and tell life like it really is! Open conversation is always encouraged around our house and when people say things it really doesn’t bother me I just think it is funny…but then none of these people have ever lived around MATT and heard what comes out of his mouth!!! Nothing surprises me anymore! Actually his father isn’t much better!!!

114549394117041368 Wednesday, Apr 19 2006 

What’s new? I am dealing with a constant headache..it left for a couple of days but is now back with vengence. I am not sure what is causing it, but here are a few of my theories:

1. I wake up in the morning with this headache and think it may be because I grind my teeth….
2. I did a lot of computer work yesterday and today the headache was absolutely terrible…maybe I need to cut out working at the computer….
3. I am not a relaxed person…everything I do I am always so focused and not relaxed in any way…perhaps that is why my neck is a tight ball and my back is full of tight muscles…

So what am I doing about it?
1. I made an appointment with my doctor to see if he can be of any help…
2. I made an appointment with Erin Tuck, a massage therapist, for a massage….
3. Megan is going to also make an appointment with a chiropracter to check out my back and neck….
4. I am going to try and relax more instead of always being focused…
5. I am going to continue to take drugs….

That should cover it for me! Any suggestions?

114533589105006707 Monday, Apr 17 2006 

Had a great Easter weekend in Prince Albert with my sister Doris and her husband Lorne. Great food and some great laughs. Always good to spend time with family. Lorne’s brother Darryl and his family came on Easter Sunday. Had not seen them for a long time so was good to re-connect. Today Todd, Cindy, Jena and Jaeda Reimer came for lunch and part of the afternoon. What a great family with another little Reimer coming the end of May.

Tamara called tonight and she has given her notice and will be done in Taiwan at the end of July. She will be heading home for a while and maybe then off to Japan for a year. Another crossroad for our daughter. What will she do next? She has accomplished a lot in her short 28 years and has lots of years ahead for new opportunities and new experiences.

Two more weeks and then Jerry and I are off to Quebec City for 2 weeks. Have always wanted to go and vacation there and spend time exploring that part of Canada. Will have to do some research before we leave!

Great visit with the Acrees on Saturday morning. Both Steve and Jacqui look great and it was so awesome to be able to give them great biiiiiiig hugs! Sure do miss those kids. We need to make time to head out and visit them in beautiful Kelowna! They are feeling more at home there now and hopefully once the first year is out of the way it will be that much greater!

114503876299469375 Friday, Apr 14 2006 

Awesome experiences in my life the last couple of days:
– lunch with Jeb
– great talk with Thomas
– great conversation with Lindsey who is investigating her faith
– picking up Kristy at the airport after her visit to Langley
– tour of the new Lakeview facility…somewhat overwhelming
– hiring of a new Connections Pastor, Jacqueline Kroeker, at Lakeview
– seeing a great work of grace in Ryan…amazing
– experiencing someone’s great gift of giving
– walking alongside and confirming the work of God in Shelly
– walking alongside a member of a family that is in angst…sad
– enjoying chicken fingers made by Jerry for supper last night
– listening to CDs while driving
– having all Good Friday morning to quietly go through the Stations of the Cross as created by my great friend Cathy Johnson…an amazing inner spiritual experience and realizing afresh that God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit is all about LOVE!
– sitting in our family room with Jerry and Kristy at the end of the day…quietness and peace…even if the hockey game is on!

Looking forward to:
– experiencing the Stations of the Cross at Lakeview this afternoon
– coffee with my amazing friend Kelly
– an evening with Jerry
– breakfast with Steve and Jacqui tomorrow morning
– spending the weekend in Prince Albert with my sister Doris and her husband Lorne
– being away from the telephone all weekend

What I miss:

114485482388499290 Wednesday, Apr 12 2006 

Small Group last night was amazing! Julie, Shaye and I met together and just shared our lives. We talked about where we were in our journeys and the struggles and hopes we had for the future. Each of us is at such a different place in our lives, but as we talked and then ended the evening with praying together, I realized that this is what community is all about. It isn’t about how many are there, what the agenda is or even if there is an agenda, it is just sharing life together. Thanks gals for sharing your journeys and life experiences last night…for being the church!

114481861210874471 Wednesday, Apr 12 2006 

Busy day today! Jerry and I had lunch with the Coopers today at Poverinos! Half price pasta so have lunch for tomorrow as well. It was good to see the Coopers as we hadn’t visited for awhile as Jordon was sick last week and I wasn’t feeling the greatest either. Mark was his usual happy self and enjoyed his chicken fingers and fries! That was always Tamara’s favorite as well…didn’t matter where we went she would have her chicken fingers and fries! Talked to Matt yesterday and there is only a couple of days of school left…then finals. They have rented their place for the summer so Matt has no place to live after May 1st and up to when he goes treeplanting. He is planning on doing a mountain trek with Niko! I’m not so sure about that but I really have no say in the matter! I can’t imagine hiking in the mountains by yourself…what fun would that be with nobody to talk to!!!

This is Holy Week and have been reading Luke 22. Lakeview is doing the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday and am looking forward to that. We are having breakfast with Steve and Jacqui Acree on Saturday…can hardly wait to see them and give them both a BIG hug! It will be so awesome to visit with them and see them again.

114464193146335222 Sunday, Apr 9 2006 

Jerry and I were in Weyburn, Saskatchewan this weekend. I taught a class this afternoon at the Weyburn Free Methodist Church. We travelled down on Saturday and had supper with our good friends Dennis and Wilda Camplin. Tim and Nancy Yee drove down to Weyburn as well and Nancy preached at the two services this morning. It was a great weekend. Good to see Dennis and Wilda who will be finished at the Weyburn Free Methodist Church at the end of this month and will be heading out to their home at Arlington Beach for some needed R & R.

The best part of driving down was going through “Dog River”…the town of the TV series “Corner Gas”…we took a drive around the town and took some pictures of the TV series set.

Saw lots of Canada Geese getting ready to nest. Spring is here with lots of water and still some snow to melt. Great sunset as we travelled on Highway 11 towards Saskatoon.

I didn’t have a headache today…the first time in about 2 weeks…too much tension in my life…not a good thing…I need to get my priorities right…more contemplation and solitude and less running around.

Kristy is in Langley spending some days with my sister Joanne’s family. First time she has flown and I don’t think it will be her favorite thing to do. Haven’t talked to her, but hoping she is having a great time. I am sure they will show her a great time in Vancouver…I am sure she has been shopping…good thing she took a huge bag along with lots of space to bring her new purchases home…

Easter is here this weekend…will be spending it in Prince Albert with Doris and Lorne. Heading out there on Saturday and coming back on Monday. Matt and Jesika will be studying for exams so won’t get to see them probably until some time in August…and Tamara will be home hopefully before then…

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