Busy day today! Jerry and I had lunch with the Coopers today at Poverinos! Half price pasta so have lunch for tomorrow as well. It was good to see the Coopers as we hadn’t visited for awhile as Jordon was sick last week and I wasn’t feeling the greatest either. Mark was his usual happy self and enjoyed his chicken fingers and fries! That was always Tamara’s favorite as well…didn’t matter where we went she would have her chicken fingers and fries! Talked to Matt yesterday and there is only a couple of days of school left…then finals. They have rented their place for the summer so Matt has no place to live after May 1st and up to when he goes treeplanting. He is planning on doing a mountain trek with Niko! I’m not so sure about that but I really have no say in the matter! I can’t imagine hiking in the mountains by yourself…what fun would that be with nobody to talk to!!!

This is Holy Week and have been reading Luke 22. Lakeview is doing the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday and am looking forward to that. We are having breakfast with Steve and Jacqui Acree on Saturday…can hardly wait to see them and give them both a BIG hug! It will be so awesome to visit with them and see them again.