Awesome experiences in my life the last couple of days:
– lunch with Jeb
– great talk with Thomas
– great conversation with Lindsey who is investigating her faith
– picking up Kristy at the airport after her visit to Langley
– tour of the new Lakeview facility…somewhat overwhelming
– hiring of a new Connections Pastor, Jacqueline Kroeker, at Lakeview
– seeing a great work of grace in Ryan…amazing
– experiencing someone’s great gift of giving
– walking alongside and confirming the work of God in Shelly
– walking alongside a member of a family that is in angst…sad
– enjoying chicken fingers made by Jerry for supper last night
– listening to CDs while driving
– having all Good Friday morning to quietly go through the Stations of the Cross as created by my great friend Cathy Johnson…an amazing inner spiritual experience and realizing afresh that God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit is all about LOVE!
– sitting in our family room with Jerry and Kristy at the end of the day…quietness and peace…even if the hockey game is on!

Looking forward to:
– experiencing the Stations of the Cross at Lakeview this afternoon
– coffee with my amazing friend Kelly
– an evening with Jerry
– breakfast with Steve and Jacqui tomorrow morning
– spending the weekend in Prince Albert with my sister Doris and her husband Lorne
– being away from the telephone all weekend

What I miss: