What’s new? I am dealing with a constant headache..it left for a couple of days but is now back with vengence. I am not sure what is causing it, but here are a few of my theories:

1. I wake up in the morning with this headache and think it may be because I grind my teeth….
2. I did a lot of computer work yesterday and today the headache was absolutely terrible…maybe I need to cut out working at the computer….
3. I am not a relaxed person…everything I do I am always so focused and not relaxed in any way…perhaps that is why my neck is a tight ball and my back is full of tight muscles…

So what am I doing about it?
1. I made an appointment with my doctor to see if he can be of any help…
2. I made an appointment with Erin Tuck, a massage therapist, for a massage….
3. Megan is going to also make an appointment with a chiropracter to check out my back and neck….
4. I am going to try and relax more instead of always being focused…
5. I am going to continue to take drugs….

That should cover it for me! Any suggestions?