It is Kristy’s birthday tomorrow so we are having her birthday supper and she chooses the menu…should be fun…and tomorrow afternoon I am spending with Brooke and Molly in their new home. I can hardly wait. Beautiful day today! Kristy and I went for a good walk this evening…not a breath of wind and the water was perfectly still and was just like a mirror…beautiful with two ducks swimming right down the middle of the small lake…it was awesome!

Some funny conversations at work today. It is quite funny to hear how people perceive other people! I think we need to laugh more and get over ourselves! Can’t we just relax and tell life like it really is! Open conversation is always encouraged around our house and when people say things it really doesn’t bother me I just think it is funny…but then none of these people have ever lived around MATT and heard what comes out of his mouth!!! Nothing surprises me anymore! Actually his father isn’t much better!!!