114827794431268778 Monday, May 22 2006 

It is always hard to get back into the swing of things once you are back from holidays. We have been home a week and sometimes it feels like we have never been away. Busy weeks loom ahead with lots to do.

We did most of our planting and gardening this weekend. I have been puttering around the yard all week and then Jerry and I did planting on Friday and Saturday as we both had the days off. Put in some more perennials and some annuals as well. We are not planting as much as we usually do as Jerry is going to be building a shed in our backyard this summer and there is no point to put flowers in that part of the yard…in fact we moved the perennials from that side of the backyard to the other side. We will probably completely change our backyard in the next couple of years as the shed will change the whole look.

We are taking Mark Cooper out for breakfast tomorrow morning to celebrate his 6th birthday. It is hard to believe that he is 6 already. Time does move along quickly. We went for dessert with Jordon, Wendy and Mark on Friday night, but it was a little late and Mark was tired out from his birthday party. It will be fun for us tomorrow morning…Kristy is joining us as well.

Todd and Cindy Reimer had a baby boy Saturday morning, Jaxon Dean weighing 6’15″…Jerry got a chance to see Cindy and Jaxon in the hospital this afternoon…Jerry said Jaxon is absolutely awesome! I can hardly wait to see him and hold him. At church this morning a young mom was holding her 6 day old baby girl. I just had to hold her as she reminded me so much of Tamara when she was little…lots of black hair standing up and a perfectly little round face…she was just beautiful just like Tamara. It’s funny how a seeing a baby takes you right back to the days when your children were babies. I am ready for grandchildren. It felt so good holding that wee little baby girl…I can hardly wait to be a grandparent!


114765403001532797 Sunday, May 14 2006 

Well we are home safe and sound! It has been a long day and I am ready for some rest. We had a great day in Old Quebec on Saturday…ending off our holidays on a great day…sun was shining and Jerry got his allergies back again. Did some shopping and ended off the evening with an amazing meal at the oldest house in the Old City…great cuisine…we ate far too much but it was delicious…now back to the salad.

Back to the grind tomorrow…looks like I have a full week. Our yard needs some work so will have to do that the long weekend. The yellow flowers are out and blooming beautifully! Our apple tree and lilac are full of blooms so it will be great when they are out in full bloom. The grass is green and the trees our out in leaf…beautiful…however our friends the mosquitoes are back…so here to enjoying our yard looking through the window. Good to be home!

114747450206172131 Friday, May 12 2006 

It is Friday evening and we just had European pizza for supper. It was awesome…very thin crust and very litttle tomato sauce…Jerry liked that.

Well we head back into Quebec City tomorrow and get ready for our flight home on Sunday morning. We have had another great week…the days we went into Quebec City and spent time in the Old City were amazing…the days were warm and the sun was shining. We walked every street in the Old City…toured the Citadel…Notre Dame…Museums…Parliament Buildings…shops…experienced the cuisine…had a great meal at The Crazy Pig restaurant which was soooooo delicious…maple syrup flavored ribs, potatoes skins that were crisp and served with a garlic sauce and we entered off the evening with chocolate pecan pie and sugar strawberry pie…it was amazing and the atmosphere was great…we were in a part of the restaurant that butted up against the rock and water was seeping down the wall and it dated back to the 1700s. The history here is everywhere…not much history of the English…we saw a huge Anglican Church downtown today which was something else. We also tested out the pastries downtown as well.

Wednesday was a rainy day so we stayed in all day and I finished the Da Vinci Code. Great book! Enjoyed the mystery part of it. Easy to read and I wasn’t surprised with anything in the book. It certainly does have some undercurrents running through it, but then alot of books do that. I found it to be quite fascinating.

I am off to spend our last evening here in Beaupre. What a great little village. We toured the south side of the St. Lawrence yesterday. We were going to take a boat to Isle la Grosse where they took all the Irish settlers when they came into Canada where they put them into quarantine…it is supposed to be very interesting…however the wind was high and the waves were splashing and I decided I didn’t want to head out on the water. We had a great day touring all the little French villages on the shore of the St. Lawrence. Met some great people and they all love to practice their English so we ask them how to say words in French and they praactice their English on us. Great fun and great people here! All in all this has been a great couple of weeks. Jerry has let me sleep in every morning and I think I have had more sleep here and the rest of the year put together. Jerry’s allergies were really bad a couple of days ago…but we visited a pharmacy and they gave him some eyedrops which really have helped.

Well, off to Quebec City tomorrow and then back to Saskatoon on Sunday getting home in time to watch the hockey games. Yes we have been watching the hockey games here.

As well we did watch the Maurice Vellacott saga take place…I have to admit I was not surprised! I had my reservations in the first place when he was elected Chair of that Committee…oh well my opinion doesn’t count too much these days. I am not part of his Riding which is a good thing.

114702213176877888 Sunday, May 7 2006 

Greetings from Beaupre right outside of Quebec City. We have been here a week and it has been relaxing and amazing. There is no doubt this is an entirely different culture and we have been enjoying it immensely.

Our condo is adequate but clean…not the best we have been in. Very small and the kitchen is absolutely awful…however it does have all the amenities like stove, frig, microwave, etc.

The weather has been cool but very nice for hiking and poking around the countryside. We spent Friday on the Isle d’ Orleans. What a beautiful island and full of history. The island is where much of rural Quebec began and lots of history and wine, cheese and art. We toured around the whole island and it was great. The churches are amazing but are not used…so sad.

Spent Sunday evening and Monday in Old Quebec…amazing…we had a couple of great meals and just walking around it feels like you are back in the late 1600s or early 1700s. They have kept all the old buildings and the streets are very narrow…takes you right back into history. We walked until we dropped on Sunday evening. We stayed at the Courtyard Marriott right on the Ste Jean gate. On Monday we went for coffee and pastry at this way out little coffee shop…the coffee was just like it was served in Vietnam and the pastry dripped with butter. We took a tour of the Old City in the afternoon which was very informative. We then headed out to where we are now.

We are enjoying the culture so much…the wonderful little coffee places with their awesome pastry is right up my alley. There isn’t a road we haven’t tried to discover for those of you who know Jerry. We hiked today and of course created our own path…Jerry would have been a great explorer. We have loved the St. Lawrence…what a great river…I never realized it was so wide and so deep. We have seen lots of big ships going up to Quebec and Montreal.

I have finished the books Angels and Demons by Dan Brown and am starting the Da Vinci Code today. Have read a couple of nights until 2:30 am so need to start getting to bed earlier. Jerry has terrible allergies and is sneezing and blowing his nose constantly. The same thing that happened the other spring in BC. We are heading out for coffee and then just lounging around today.

So far it has been a great holiday…just what we needed. It would be nice if Jerry’s allergies were better, but my headaches are much better…I woke up this morning and decided it was okay to continue living. We have eaten well except for all the pastries…have made most of our own meals which has worked well. A great IGA close to here and the cost is much less.

They charge money for everything which does not please Jerry very much. We went into a bird sanctuary this week and all the snow geese were there…we watched them sticking their heads into the wet marsh when the tide was out getting stuff to eat…it was absolutely hilarious. We hiked one of the trails and didn’t see any birds but did meet up with a bear. Needless to say I decided no further trailing for me…it kind of freaked me out but we both stayed calm and just walked quietly back from where we had come.

All in all it has been great. We head back a week from today. This week we will spend mostly in Old Quebec and on the south side of the St. Lawrence River. We have pretty well covered this side. We were up in the Laurentians yesterday and there was still snow there. The mountains here are nothing like the Rockies…the mountains here are like little hills and they have great ski resorts on them…I find it quite funny when I compare what there is in Alberta.

The people have been great. They love to practice their English and a smile goes a long way here. The local people have been great…they are so willing to explain the history of where they live. The villages are just like years ago…all along the river and all along the road. Lots of new houses being built as well.

Well, we will see you in a week. We are having a great time!