It is Friday evening and we just had European pizza for supper. It was awesome…very thin crust and very litttle tomato sauce…Jerry liked that.

Well we head back into Quebec City tomorrow and get ready for our flight home on Sunday morning. We have had another great week…the days we went into Quebec City and spent time in the Old City were amazing…the days were warm and the sun was shining. We walked every street in the Old City…toured the Citadel…Notre Dame…Museums…Parliament Buildings…shops…experienced the cuisine…had a great meal at The Crazy Pig restaurant which was soooooo delicious…maple syrup flavored ribs, potatoes skins that were crisp and served with a garlic sauce and we entered off the evening with chocolate pecan pie and sugar strawberry pie…it was amazing and the atmosphere was great…we were in a part of the restaurant that butted up against the rock and water was seeping down the wall and it dated back to the 1700s. The history here is everywhere…not much history of the English…we saw a huge Anglican Church downtown today which was something else. We also tested out the pastries downtown as well.

Wednesday was a rainy day so we stayed in all day and I finished the Da Vinci Code. Great book! Enjoyed the mystery part of it. Easy to read and I wasn’t surprised with anything in the book. It certainly does have some undercurrents running through it, but then alot of books do that. I found it to be quite fascinating.

I am off to spend our last evening here in Beaupre. What a great little village. We toured the south side of the St. Lawrence yesterday. We were going to take a boat to Isle la Grosse where they took all the Irish settlers when they came into Canada where they put them into quarantine…it is supposed to be very interesting…however the wind was high and the waves were splashing and I decided I didn’t want to head out on the water. We had a great day touring all the little French villages on the shore of the St. Lawrence. Met some great people and they all love to practice their English so we ask them how to say words in French and they praactice their English on us. Great fun and great people here! All in all this has been a great couple of weeks. Jerry has let me sleep in every morning and I think I have had more sleep here and the rest of the year put together. Jerry’s allergies were really bad a couple of days ago…but we visited a pharmacy and they gave him some eyedrops which really have helped.

Well, off to Quebec City tomorrow and then back to Saskatoon on Sunday getting home in time to watch the hockey games. Yes we have been watching the hockey games here.

As well we did watch the Maurice Vellacott saga take place…I have to admit I was not surprised! I had my reservations in the first place when he was elected Chair of that Committee…oh well my opinion doesn’t count too much these days. I am not part of his Riding which is a good thing.