Well we are home safe and sound! It has been a long day and I am ready for some rest. We had a great day in Old Quebec on Saturday…ending off our holidays on a great day…sun was shining and Jerry got his allergies back again. Did some shopping and ended off the evening with an amazing meal at the oldest house in the Old City…great cuisine…we ate far too much but it was delicious…now back to the salad.

Back to the grind tomorrow…looks like I have a full week. Our yard needs some work so will have to do that the long weekend. The yellow flowers are out and blooming beautifully! Our apple tree and lilac are full of blooms so it will be great when they are out in full bloom. The grass is green and the trees our out in leaf…beautiful…however our friends the mosquitoes are back…so here to enjoying our yard looking through the window. Good to be home!