It is always hard to get back into the swing of things once you are back from holidays. We have been home a week and sometimes it feels like we have never been away. Busy weeks loom ahead with lots to do.

We did most of our planting and gardening this weekend. I have been puttering around the yard all week and then Jerry and I did planting on Friday and Saturday as we both had the days off. Put in some more perennials and some annuals as well. We are not planting as much as we usually do as Jerry is going to be building a shed in our backyard this summer and there is no point to put flowers in that part of the yard…in fact we moved the perennials from that side of the backyard to the other side. We will probably completely change our backyard in the next couple of years as the shed will change the whole look.

We are taking Mark Cooper out for breakfast tomorrow morning to celebrate his 6th birthday. It is hard to believe that he is 6 already. Time does move along quickly. We went for dessert with Jordon, Wendy and Mark on Friday night, but it was a little late and Mark was tired out from his birthday party. It will be fun for us tomorrow morning…Kristy is joining us as well.

Todd and Cindy Reimer had a baby boy Saturday morning, Jaxon Dean weighing 6’15″…Jerry got a chance to see Cindy and Jaxon in the hospital this afternoon…Jerry said Jaxon is absolutely awesome! I can hardly wait to see him and hold him. At church this morning a young mom was holding her 6 day old baby girl. I just had to hold her as she reminded me so much of Tamara when she was little…lots of black hair standing up and a perfectly little round face…she was just beautiful just like Tamara. It’s funny how a seeing a baby takes you right back to the days when your children were babies. I am ready for grandchildren. It felt so good holding that wee little baby girl…I can hardly wait to be a grandparent!