115155469259922841 Wednesday, Jun 28 2006 

June 28th…37 years today Jerry and I were married in Morden, Manitoba. Hard to believe that this much time has passed…we both still seem so young! We went out this evening with Susan and Kristy…had some great food and some great laughs.


115103428605577421 Thursday, Jun 22 2006 

Christa and Rod Sagert, my niece and her husband, had a big baby boy yesterday, weighing in at 9lbs. 2oz. and 22 inches long…Kale Leo Jackson Sagert. Another grandson for my sister Doris and her husband Lorne. Great work Christa! Your mom said you were amazing! Congratulations to all!

I have had to work through some things again in my life…it seems as if the learning never ends…just more and more opportunities to grow and change. It almost never feels good, but when you do the right thing and do what you need to do…it pays off in the end. Sometimes we just need to extend forgiveness to someone even when the person who has hurt us doesn’t even know what they have done. When our emotions are vulnerable we can say and do things that are out of character and we really don’t mean to be inflexible or negative, but that may not be how the next person perceives or hears what we say or interprets our body language, so we need to make sure we connect again with that person to communicate what we really meant. This isn’t easy, but learning and personal growth happens in both people when you do this. I thought I had learned my lesson that there are situations when the best thing to do is to just agree and not ask questions…obviously I am a slow learner!!

I love connecting with people of all ages. I had tea today with Ruth Stevenson, a great friend, who is well on her way to 80! It was neat to hear what she is learning in her life and when I shared with her what was happening in my life…it was so much fun to see her laugh and nod her head! She was not surprised at what I was learning!!

I also met with Jordon, Wendy and Mark today at Starbucks. A great conversation in a totally different realm! I think Jordon did call me a “jerk” today for not answering his email. My feelings weren’t hurt as these past days my computer has been quite idle! I think I forgave him, but I am not sure!!!

I met with my friend Maureen tonight and we talked about the love of God being like the ocean. Some great thoughts on that! If God’s love is like the ocean and we jump into that ocean of love, then that love totally controls us and takes us wherever it wants to go and we become totally powerless as the ocean is the power and totally takes us where it wants to go…so…why don’t I jump into that ocean of love and let it take me where it wants to take me???…fear…I’m a control freak…lack of trust…I often don’t like the truth I find inside when I am honest with myself!!!

I had a great conversation with Darren over lunch yesterday. Hopefully it was as much of an encouragement to him as it was to me. It is good there are people we can share our lives with and not be afraid of what they will think about us. We all struggle in some way and so often we walk around with our pseudo community face on telling the world that we have everything together when inside we are falling apart.

I’m glad God catches all my tears and knows why I cried them because often I don’t even know the reason why I shed those tears…I am so grateful that God fully knows me in my innermost places where I don’t even know myself!! He is my comfort!

115000375065426579 Sunday, Jun 11 2006 

Charles DuBois:
The important thing is this: To be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.

I found this quote on Scott Williams’ blog…

115000114093710055 Saturday, Jun 10 2006 

Moving is pretty well done! Saturday, in the pouring rain, everything was pretty well moved into our new church facility. Jerry and I directed traffic in the new facility…meaning we directed the movers to the right location in the building to deposit the boxes and office equipment they were moving. We were finished at 5:30 pm and we started at 8:00 am this morning. I pretty well know where everything is in the new facility. I walked miles today and my hips, knees, ankles and feet are sore and my legs ache from walking the concrete floors all day.

At Lakeview we had about 30 to 35 people cleaning the church…every floor vacuumed…all the walls were washed…all the cupboard cleaned…windows washed inside and out…kitchen cleaned from top to bottom…it is the cleanest Lakeview has been in the 10 years I have worked there. Rose Friesen coordinated the cleaning and she was amazing.

Now the work begins to set up the new facility. There is so much work still to be done…some of the offices have no power…some no lights…no telephones…no internet…the next weeks will be very interesting. We will all need to set up our offices and the ministry areas will all have to be set up. Lots of work ahead of us. We will not start our services in the gym until August and our sanctuary will not be finished until October at the earliest.

A new season has begun at Lakeview or whatever our name will be in the future…

114991923450069953 Saturday, Jun 10 2006 

It’s Friday night and Jerry, Kristy and I moved the small items from my office at Lakeview to our new facility…not sure what it will be called! I said good-bye to my office for the last time and hello to my new office. Our new building is not nearly completed so the next few weeks/months will be very interesting. It has been raining and the site is soft and muddy. It will be interesting to see how the loaded trucks make out tomorrow. We have about 75 volunteers helping with the move, cleaning, etc. Kim Gilbert has been the organizer guru for this move and has been absolutely amazing.

New season for Lakeview! Our learning curve will be steep these next months! There will be lots of details and obstacles that will give us all an opportunity to grow in character!

114914020699084265 Thursday, Jun 1 2006 


I am going through all my files at work and recycling all the paper I have collected at Lakeview in the 10 years I have worked there. It was a cruise down memory lane today as I waded through the mounds of paper as I do keep a record of everything I do. In some ways it was a very sad day and in other ways it was a great feeling. We are moving over to our new building on June 10th and I am going there with just the things I need and work with now.

I found pictures from the first project I did when I began work at Lakeview in September 1996…our Ministry Expo ’96…assisted by Twila Barbour. The pictures were awesome and much water has flowed under the bridge since then.

I also found the correspondence when I hired Cathy Johnson and Carrie Church. I gave them the info for their history books…good stuff.

Lots of meetings…lots of strategy…lots of stuff talked about and put together but never implemented or used…but that is life!!