I am going through all my files at work and recycling all the paper I have collected at Lakeview in the 10 years I have worked there. It was a cruise down memory lane today as I waded through the mounds of paper as I do keep a record of everything I do. In some ways it was a very sad day and in other ways it was a great feeling. We are moving over to our new building on June 10th and I am going there with just the things I need and work with now.

I found pictures from the first project I did when I began work at Lakeview in September 1996…our Ministry Expo ’96…assisted by Twila Barbour. The pictures were awesome and much water has flowed under the bridge since then.

I also found the correspondence when I hired Cathy Johnson and Carrie Church. I gave them the info for their history books…good stuff.

Lots of meetings…lots of strategy…lots of stuff talked about and put together but never implemented or used…but that is life!!