115432700641659108 Monday, Jul 31 2006 

Jerry, Tamara and I are heading to Edmonton on Monday…heading out to see our new grandnephew Kale. My sister Joanne and Dwight are there as well, so it will be a good time of visiting. Matt and Niko and Griffin will keep the home fires burning for us. Jerry will be back on Wednesday…Tamara and I will head to Langley, B.C. with Dwight and Joanne, and we will be coming back home on August 10th. I have a wedding to do on Saturday, August 12th, so it will be back to work quickly. Jesika will be here on August 11th, as she will be finished her “earthworming” then. Matt and Jesika will be heading out to the Yukon for about 3 weeks before heading back to the U of C.

I’ll keep you posted from Langley, B.C.


115381069186137139 Tuesday, Jul 25 2006 

We have had quite the week. Jerry retired on Sunday, July 16. Tamara and I made a roast beef dinner and took it up for him and his co-worker. It was a great evening. He ended up getting 3 pies to take home. We enjoyed every one of them.

Tamara and Matt are both home. This has made for interesting dynamics around the home. I am on holidays for at least a couple of weeks. Am really looking forward to having some down time. Tamara and I might head out to Edmonton and Langley, B.C. for a few days and hang out with some of our relatives. Jesika will be home here after August 10th, when she is finished her summer job.

Jerry’s brother Pete passed away last week quitely suddenly. It made for a hectic week as they flew him into RUH here in Saskatoon. He had a huge brain hemmorhage. Lots of damage and he passed away early Thursday morning. The graveside service was on Saturday afternoon. All of Jerry’s siblings were there except for 1 sister…that would make 8 of them there. The service was good and the family spent the afternoon together which was awesome. Great to see everyone and to spend time at Pete’s home looking through his workshop and garden…a great way to end the day of remembrance.

It has been hot…it has been fun and interesting with Matt and Jesika’s two dogs here. I was working in my perennial garden this afternoon when all of a sudden I went for a slide…I was barefoot and had slid through a big pile of dog poop…never thought I’d see the day when I thought that was funny…I was just glad I didn’t fall as well…that would have been quite a sight. The two dogs are really good and we have been enjoying them. It’s amazing what you won’t do for your kids. Never thought I would see dogs running around in my backyard. They haven’t eaten too many plants, except they did pull up all the patio lights on the side of one garden…Matt put them all back and they haven’t touched them since. Niko was reaching up for the one birdfeeder tonight, but I saw him before he knocked it down. They are so funny! We have a great place just east of us where there are lots of trees, water, birds…and the dogs love it there. Matt or Jerry take them there twice a day and they come back totally exhausted from running and swimming. It is neat! The other night when Jerry’s brother and his wife were staying with us…their bedroom is right above where the dog’s are…and every time they heard a siren they would howl along with it…I finally had to wake Matt up and get to go outside and make them be quiet…they howled a couple more times when sirens could be heard. I don’t know what it is…but Matt says they do that all the time. Otherwise they don’t bark or make any noise of any kind…except when they know they are going for a run and they get really excited.

Great fun!

115290384606734458 Friday, Jul 14 2006 

Tamara is home and it looks like Matt will be home in the next couple of days because of a bad back…no more treeplanting. Life has been busy and stressful in some regards, but it will be awesome to have all the kids home for awhile.

115182067005508574 Sunday, Jul 2 2006 

Canada is 139 years old! July 1st was a beautiful day. It also was Susan’s 25th birthday today. Susan is visiting us from Australia so this was the first time she got to celebrate her birthday in the summer. We went to the Spadina Freehouse for lunch and sat outside in the hot summer sun…it was amazing! We did some window shopping and some actual shopping! It was a great day! We had ice cream birthday cake this evening when Jerry got home from work…and we then headed out to watch the fireworks. The bugs were so bad we could hardly stand it…you had to constantly keep swinging your hands in front of your face or they just landed everywhere…it was absolutely gross…and the fireworks weren’t that great either. We did have fun though and took the long way home through the country. It was fun! Tomorrow we are heading out to Waskesiu for the day…it should be fun!