Jerry, Tamara and I are heading to Edmonton on Monday…heading out to see our new grandnephew Kale. My sister Joanne and Dwight are there as well, so it will be a good time of visiting. Matt and Niko and Griffin will keep the home fires burning for us. Jerry will be back on Wednesday…Tamara and I will head to Langley, B.C. with Dwight and Joanne, and we will be coming back home on August 10th. I have a wedding to do on Saturday, August 12th, so it will be back to work quickly. Jesika will be here on August 11th, as she will be finished her “earthworming” then. Matt and Jesika will be heading out to the Yukon for about 3 weeks before heading back to the U of C.

I’ll keep you posted from Langley, B.C.