Greetings from Calgary. We drove down on Friday and attended our friends’ daughter’s wedding on Friday evening. It was a beautiful wedding and we had a great time connecting with people we hadn’t seen for some time. It is always so awesome to just pick up where you left off with these friends and not miss a beat. We are still connected in our spirits and as we dialogue and laugh together, life is good. What a blessing to have such friends in our lives. We have history with these people as they have watched our children grow up into adults and we are seeing their children grow into wonderful young adults and starting families of their own. This was Terri Boldt’s wedding we attended this weekend and I remember well the day she was born. We received a phone call in the middle of the night that her mother Dawn had gone into labour and would I come over and stay with their two daughters for the rest of the night. I quickly drove over and in the morning took Stacey and Jodi to our place for the day. I remember making cookies with Jodi and Tamara and Stacey playing together for the whole day. We then received the news that they had a new baby sister named Terri Anna…it was a beautiful day. Now Terri is married and starting a home of her own with her husband. Life does pass by quickly!

Our daughter Tamara left on Wednesday morning and is now in Hawaii enroute to Japan where she is going to live. We are not sure for how long…it will depend on whether she gets work of not. I cannot believe how the 4 months flew by that she was at home. Sometimes I wish the clock would stand still for a time. We are at Matt and Jesika’s this weekend, and it is snoiwng….snowing…snowing…outside. Looks like a great day to spend inside with a good book.

I have a bit of a restless spirit…not sure what that means…been trying to figure out by going inside to see what is whirling around in their. Sometimes what I find can be quite scary! Sometimes I wish I was just happy to stay at home and bake buns and not try and figure the world out around me!!!!