My Silent Directed Retreat was amazing! The Spiritual Director I had was so awesome! I will definitely do it again only I will do it for a longer period of time. I would like to work my way up to a 30 day retreat sometime in the future. The setting was at Queen’s House of Retreats which is so quiet and has so many nooks for one to sit and reflect. Certainly refreshing to my inner being!

We are off to Canmore for two weeks. We have been offerred a place to stay for a couple of weeks so are heading out tomorrow morning. My sister Joanne and her husband Dwight will be joining us the first week, and hopefully my good friend Kelly will come for the following week. It will be much relaxing, reading, doing coffee, visiting, playing cards/games, and anything else that doesn’t take much energy. Probably a couple of trips into Calgary as well, but all in all a relaxing time!