Last week saw us experiencing a snowstorm like none other since 1955. Now having grown up in southern Manitoba where snowstorms happen often with large dumps of snow, it was like going back in time. I love the atmosphere that comes with not being able to go anywhere and just to huddle inside for a couple of days. That only works well if the electricity is on, your furnace is working and you have enough food to eat in the house. We were fortunate to have all three, so the days were spent in reading and reflection.

Now it was a little different story for Jerry! Kristy, upon going out in the morning and having to drive to work in the blowing snow, called Jerry and he ended up driving her to work. Needless to say, by the middle of the afternoon he was unable to get her and she had to stay overnight in a hotel with her District Manager! Great experiences! The shovelling that came with four to five feet in our driveway gave Jerry a whole day of work. The snow was a little too deep for his snowblower so he had to shovel first and then blow the snow. It was brutally cold, so that part was not nice, but the driveway and sidewalks look great! We are now in the deep freeze with temperatures down to -35C with windchills of even lower temperatures!

With that extra time I was able to finish three of the books I have been reading…Velvet Elvis…Harry Potter…Struggling with Scripture. I really enjoyed all of them. I am doing a book study with Megan Barbour with the Velvet Elvis book…great discussion this morning. Kristy has the 6th book of the Harry Potter series, so will have to give that a go. I really enjoyed the 5th book!

It is difficult to put down in writing all the thoughts going around in my head. I always struggle with my depression this time of the year and that doesn’t help my thought patterns! Maybe I just need to relax and let my thoughts chase each other around my head. Lots of questions…some doubts…few answers…lots of mystery! Just life!