Jerry and I spent part of today with the Graham family.  Jerry helped Kelly put up some gyproc in the basement; and Brooke and I spent the good part of the afternoon just talking about life.  That is the awesome part about friendship, you can just relax and be who you are and talk about the issues you are dealing with in life, and as you share your thoughts/experiences you find out that you are learning many of the same lessons; but the best part is that you each learn them in a different way; and as you share you relearn them, but from a totally different perspective.  Brooke and I go back a long way, and her greatest gift to me is how she sees and experiences life in pictures.  I learn through words and ideas, but today as we talked about being alone and solitude, she told me about her experience with imagination and pictures, and I just marveled at how creatively she gave me a picture of how we can recognize who we are in our innermost being.  It was amazing!

Molly is something else!  Her favorite book is about all the Prime Ministers of Canada, and as she goes through that book, she can tell you the name of every Prime Minister of Canada up to Stephen Harper, who is not in the book yet!   Molly was also playing with playdough, and has a tendency to eat it, if she can get away with it.  Brooke told her that if she ate any more playdough, mommy would take the playdough away.  Naturally, Molly put playdough in her mouth, and Brooke put the playdough away.  Molly was not too  happy, but Brooke asked her, “Molly, who made the decision here, Molly or mommy?”  Molly promptly answered “Molly”.   “Yes, you are right”, Brooke replied.  Funny or what!!!

Great day with friends!