Living life can be stressful, funny, exciting, boring, fearful and the words could go on. I think I have experienced most of those in the past couple of weeks. I am excited and at peace with what I believe will be a good few months down the road. I am always afraid to have expectations, because so often I am disappointed. But I am going to risk having a few expectations for the future.

Anyway, I miss our kids. Tamara seems so far away in Japan and with the phone calls and emails being few and far between, this is probably the first time I have really felt far, far, far, removed from her life. Maybe it is because she spent 4 months at home this past year, but I sure do miss talking with her and sharing life. Now we don’t always agree and get along, and she keeps telling me that when I talk “I keep hurting her ears”…that’s because she says I talk too loud…I tell her that I am just passionate about what I am talking about…but I do miss her and sometimes worry about her being alone in Japan. I think that is a mother’s privilege to be concerned and worry just a little.

Matt is planning to come home for reading week in February. I am looking forward to that. Good conversations always happen when we are together…sometimes very animated and loud…but usually we learn from one another…if we listen to each other’s perspective and not just speak our own perspective louder!!!! Niki and Griffin will be here too…our grandpuppies! Jesika will be in Victoria with her mom, which will be nice, but we will miss her.